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anyone not happy with Legacy loudspeakers?

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i'm interested in the Focus 20/20's. i tried to listen to them the other day but the store i went to didn't have the right pre-amp set up, i'll get another chance in a week or two with the right set up.

i have a McIntosh MC352 with an undetermined pre-amp. i like most kinds of music (except rap), i want tight bass like the kind you get when playing Steely Dan's "hey nineteen" and other tracks from their Aja album.

most speakers today have small bass drivers that leave me wanting more punch. some of these speakers can impress but i want more. some speakers have big bass drivers but sound like crap (cerwin vega's).

the 20/20's have decent efficiency (95db) AND supposedly sound awsome doing it. with (3) 12" woofers on each speaker they should provide plenty of bass punch when i hit them with 350w per channel.

so...does any one have any experience with these speakers? they are about $6500 for the pair, if there are any other speakers in that price range that could do what i need them to do please let me know. thanks
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A good friend of mine has a pair of Legacy Audio Focus 20/20's for his two-channel system. They are by far the most amazing speakers I have heard. They even beat the $14,000.00 pair B&W 802D's I listened to. Make no mistake, you will be very happy with a set of the Focus 20/20's, I know that one day I hope to upgrade from my Mirage m3-si's to those very same speakers.
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I have seen great reviews about that model but have never heard them in person ,
but I have heard other legacy speakers at "Harveys' in NYC and they blew me away.
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I heard them about 3 years ago,at their price with their scale,they are stuning,the other speaker that slightly preferred that day was the Vienna Acoustic Strauss,but both are true full range speakers with rare scale in that pricerange.
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It's been a while but I went to U of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana, which is about a two hour drive from Springfield, IL. I knew a guy who's family was working at Legacy Audio in Springfield, IL. So this guy I remembered had the Focus (don't remember the exact model), surround sound and massive subwoofers. At that time I thought the Legacy were the best sounding and looking speakers. He would bring new things to play around with every time I would go over to his apt. This was about ten years ago and at that time not many dealers carried the Legacy brand. Even to this date I kinda want to listen to them again. I personally don't own their speakers cause I just can't afford them.
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