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I am a french user of the IAMM HD player and I have just installed 1.55 firmware to do ftp because of this fu..g NDAS and my Imac or PC. After 4 days of using this I have now a black screen after booting and he iamm is blocked. I would ike to know how I can solve it because I didn't understood how to put factory setting in the last posts.
How can I communicate with the Iamm : eth ? crossed eth ?


How did you fix this problem, I am having exactly the same issue, this happened like the day after I updated firmware, now I only see the lights from video and audio on but the device is locked, and the tv only display a black screen, I was wondering if I could also resurrect this device, any help would be apreciated.
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Hi, I get a black screen when i boot up my Iamm.

Is there a way to 'hard reset' my device?

any answer is much appreciated!
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Anyone able to help me with this?

I need to "hard rest" my IAMM Novatron NTD-35

The wrong LaCie LaCinema Premier firmware was flashed to my IAMM Novatron NTD-35:

The unit was flashed with ntd00fw.bin - EM85xx Bootloader v1.0.0 (Oct 20 2008 12:04:31)

After connecting to my TV and then the power supply:
1. The Play LED Flashes
2. LaCie icons display briefly on my TV
3. Play LED stays on
4. No display on my TV
5. The HDD is no longer readable on my PC via USB whilst installed in the unit
6. Remote control has no affect on the unit while booting or afterwards

How do I recover and reflash with LaCie LaCinema Premier firmware ntd00fw.bin - EM85xx Bootloader v1.0.0 (May 6 2008 14:25:25)
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Ive had my Iamm NTD36HD for about a year. Suddenly last week I had a hard drive failure. Very upsetting but now I've bought a new hard drive and I don't know how to format it correctly with firmware or a driver? I'm computer fluent but after reading thru the last few pages I have not found anyone with a similar problem. If anyone has a procedure or link to one I can follow to fix my devise it will be greatly appreciated. Ill check this forum daily or if you can email me it would be convenient too. crs_mello@yahoo.com

thank you
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I now this post topic is very old but i need your help.

I want to download Charon's firmware 1.4.159 but the link cant works.

Can you please upload this firmware ?

Many thanks for my Cibox Wirless HD.
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Sorry, i need five message for post a private message
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So now three messages
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...and five
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i pay hd 3 TB ,but its see only 750gb for the hd
any help
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Hi ! i have the same probleme, I want to download Charon's firmware 1.4.159 but the link is down.
can someone send me a valide link ?
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