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Originally Posted by HDReady102 View Post

Hi Digital Man,
I have certainly made for myself auto running DVD's - and with these new slides. The seemingly insurmountable issue is when adding popular background music - not infringing on copyrights. That one has me perplexed. Even some of these so called free music sites have rates for using the music. At one time I had thought about purchasing the three or four songs needed from a pay per song site (.99 each). For each DVD made, I would purchase those songs to correspond to the number of DVD's made. My thought was that they had been legitimately purchased once for one person. My friends keep poking holes in this logic. But you are correct, the slides are cool, but once you make a DVD pre-show, you take it up a notch.


If you are looking for good quality royalty music to use, take a look at FreePlay Music. This is what I used when I did my DVD; I esp like "Sir Robin Of Locksley", "South Sea" and "Pirate's Nest"
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This is a great project and the slides are very well done. Part of the problem though is that even if a song is public domain, the recording of it may not be.

If anyone wanted to invest some money into this, like many of the group projects, you could find a composer online and ask for 'genre' style songs to be composed. Pitching in would keep your investment cost down and if enough people went in on it, I'm sure it would be very cool.

There should be plenty of places for you to find royalty free music though, even as listed in the reply above.

Well done, again.

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My hand is up!
Looks very cool.
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Can I make one Suggestion ?

it's more of a play on words for the movie mistakes HYPHENAT it like SCENE - IT


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Count me in also, I am very interested. Looks great.
Thanks for all your hard work.
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I have an extensive collection of royalty free music that i use for videos and DVDs. While I just can't give it away (licensing issues) I could "score" a video file with it and be within the scope of the licensing agreement.
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Count me in for a copy of the slides when they are ready. Just let me know where to send the check.
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I am ready to buy with paypal in hand. Just give us the green light!
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I think this is awesome. Very cool. can't wait. Paypal, yay!

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Stumbled on this thread and I'm still picking my jaw up off the floor. Very professional, clean, great design. You obviously know what you're doing. I too have subscribed to see what you end up charging for this.

More teasers please!
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I just stumbled on this too! Just awesome!
Subcribed as well.
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count me in too. Looks great
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yo tambien! I'm in!
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Hi Guys,
Still not done with the final changes. Working on the 90's trivia slides. To tide you over, here are two more sample slides: the custom slide and one of the 90's trivia slides. Shooting for Wednesday to be complete.

mheadroom & AVSRichard & jkv - Thanks for all the suggestions on the music for an autorun DVD. I will look into that after I get these slides done.

billmarg1 - love the play on words MIS- TAKES. Although a little to late to be included in this round, I certainly would love to use it if there is a second CD.

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Looks great, Please count me in as well.
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Sign another fan up. I actually would rather not have music included I have been using Steven's slides with PMM2 and playing music from my mp3 folder on the fly when i start up a movie works great.
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Count me in as well! Thanx.
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Count me in as well. I would not mind paying a little bit for something like this. It would be nice to run it like a screen saver on my HTPC and just switch over to the DVD player for the main movie.
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Look, we're all hoping for a freebie or affordable price on this but let's face it: HDReady102 has done a superb job with these slides. If the teasers are any indication to what the rest of the package looks like, he/she has spent quite a bit of time working on this and can realistically charge accordingly.

Now for the hard part...waiting...
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Sent you the confirmation PM, these look great from the teasers you posted!
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Money sent. You went above and beyond with this HDReady! Look forward to your future work.
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Money sent! Thanks for pulling this together. Not sure my Theater name will fit on the custom slide so you can Chop it down to SPoT if you need to.
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Include me too. Great job.
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Maybe I missed it, or maybe you all are communicating pricing via Private Messages. What's the cost for these?

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Paypal sent, can't wait to see these!

ND23: PM said $10. Great price for a top-notch product if you ask me!

Go Cards!
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Thanks! I am looking forward to seeing the slides as they look great.

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My money sent. Though this really is highway robbery you know. $10???? From what I have seen in the teaser pics - $10? You have to be kidding.

Sent more than $10 BTW as your effort in this is amazing!
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Please count me in as well. They look great! Morgan
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Paypal Sent. Looking foward to your slides!
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Please PM me I am in as well!!! Are these a download or are you sending out the images??
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