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© The Boogeyman / 2013

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© The Boogeyman / 2013

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© The Boogeyman / 2013

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Nice work Boogeyman.

Could you tell us a little more about them?
You've mocked them all up as steelbooks I see. Is that what they are intended for? Are you doing full covers that members can download?
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Well been away for a long due to work commitments and this weekend had what little time i
have to open photoshop and made this, hope you all like it it smile.gif

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Wow really nice Man of Steel cover.

I love when cover artists give much more cover space to the characters and scenes then to all the credits, barcodes, etc. I like how the color schemes stick to the blues and reds.
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The Rum Diary

I watched this a couple months ago, and seem to be in a small group of people that loves the film. After I saw a picture of this book artwork, I had to make a BD cover out of it.

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Where can I get a copy of some of these custom covers? I would love to have the marvel ones!
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Originally Posted by bryanu View Post

Where can I get a copy of some of these custom covers? I would love to have the marvel ones!

Generally you just send the member who made the cover a PM (personal message) and you will either be given a download link or receive the file by email.
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Has anyone made a cover for Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade??? Please pm me if you have/are willing to share....THANKS.
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Ok, here is my problem. My nephew came over to watch my house this past weekend while I was out of town. He watched my brand new copy of Olympus Has Fallen and left the case on the floor. Yes, you guessed correct, my dog thought it was a chew toy and destroyed the case and most importantly the artwork. Thankfully he left the disc in the player. I can easily replace the case, but the artwork frown.gif

So, would someone be willing to scan their artwork at a very good resolution, and e-mail me with the file so that I can print it. It would be greatly appreciated. No need for custom artwork, but that would also be appreciated if that's my only choice.

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Where does everyone find the high resolution pictures they use for these covers? I want to make some custom movie art but when I do Google searches for images all I get are 72 dpi pictures that are rarely larger than 500 pixels. Is there a process in Photoshop I may not know about that enlarges images without distortion?
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I use impawards.com as a source, also deviant art. For enlargement I use onOne plugin for Photoshop.
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Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

I use impawards.com as a source, also deviant art. For enlargement I use onOne plugin for Photoshop.


You have to buy credits to download, but they have a huge collection of huge files :-)

With recent films, even google comes up with hi res, and free of course, pictures.

...onOne is a neat plugin, I have it too, but photoshop does a very fine resizing job since version 6... I'm on creative cloud and I haven't used, nor upgraded, the plugin for quite a while.
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While updates here have been few and far-between, I have not been slacking :-)

Here are a few recent ones:

All private commissions so not available to share. Sorry.
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I don't believe I ever showed you the companion piece I did to my Game of Thrones season 1?

Again, commissions not available to share.
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... and a WIP for Chucky - The Complete Collection.

Actually inspired by the U.K. cover art, the client opted for the Grindhouse look which sets it apart from the U.S. retail covers. I rarely display WIP pieces. This is mostly locked, just awaiting final specs once the discs are released.
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Much of the work I do I don't display in this thread because it is either not available to share, or just modifications of existing covers.

I am often asked to use the existing foreign covers and anglificate them, as well as change from DVD to Blu-ray size. This is the sort of "unsung" efforts I spend a lot of time doing for clients.

Original French DVD and my Blu-ray conversion:

Original French Blus and my English versions:

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I love all this cover art and that chucky cover really pops very nice.
And the theme for all game of thrones seasons is set and looks sweet gr8 art to match a great series. smile.gif
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My Latest, Oblivion.... smile.gif

Available at customaniacs.org.
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These covers are amazing!!! Does anybody have a link for the Marvel covers?
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Originally Posted by Morpheo View Post

My Latest, Oblivion.... smile.gif

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)

Available at customaniacs.org.

Very nice cover Morph smile.gif
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Originally Posted by ctaulbee View Post

Very nice cover Morph smile.gif

Hey ctaulbee!! nice to see you here cool.gif ...and thanks by the way smile.gif
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Hello - I'm looking for cover art for the British Coen Bros. Collection - specifically BARTON FINK, THE BIG LEBOWSKI, and INTOLERABLE CRUELTY. I store on my blu-rays in sleeves due to space limitations of my furniture. Won't be able to store this box. Haven't had much success searching online for these three films. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
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Sometimes I'm asked to replicate specific covers for sentimental reasons. A client asked me to do these for Batman and Robocop, all of them based on the old UK VHS covers.

Recreating old designs can be both fun and challenging as I have to find or recreate old logos and branding that never existed digitally. With these covers the client wanted to emphasise sentimental value over both consistency and accuracy. While I recreated some of these VHSes exactly, he wanted some of the elements removed for a cleaner look.

As far as possible I try to get the exact same images for the photos on the backs, but for older films some of them plain don't exist on the 'net. That's when my extensive clipping files come in handy and I more often than not can find that particular image and scan it myself.

Often the main headache is that of obtaining good reference for the old VHS covers. If I can find a cover online, most of the time it is too small for the text to be legible. I spend a lot of time trying to decipher text from the miniscule images. Recreating the text also requires me to do some detective work on fonts, but most of the time the old pre-DTP covers were done in easily available fonts. I've had to resort to vaguely similar alternatives from time to time, but that's not for lack of trying. :-)

I'm including the original VHS covers here for comparison.




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Here's a recent one I did for Oliver! (Sorry, not available to share at this time.)
The original Blu-ray cover was really atrocious. I am not hard to please when it comes to covers, but this was just "WTF were they thinking?" bad.


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^^^ great work Nissen! smile.gif
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Here's a new one, this time Now You See Me....


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You know you wouldn't think old vhs covers would be all that great with todays Blu-ray's but I have to say these look spanky new and clean very nice.
And is it just me or does Robocop 2 look a little 3d pop outish?
very nice work once again. smile.gif
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Originally Posted by Morpheo 

Here's a new one, this time Now You See Me....


Very nice bud smile.gif
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