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Well guys I've been thinking about upgrading my Anthlon xp 3000+ from a evga 6600gt agp to a bfg 7800gs agp to really get me through til I can get a new system. The plans for the new system would prolly be about a year or so away. So my question is do yall think I would get some great improvements over my current card or better just to hold off, alot of great games coming lol? I normally play BF2, Doom 3, Quake 4 and will be getting HL2 epi. 1 here shortly aswell. Also just off the top of my head what do you think about the Creative X-fi extreme gamer sound card that upgrade has ran across my head here lately. Right now I only have onboard sound (realtek 97') and a creative 4.1 surround speakers.

My current Rig:
AMD anthlon xp 3000+
450 watt psu 20a 12volt rail
1gig 2700 ram
Evga 6600gt oc @core 525mhz memory @ 1054mhz