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nht b5 vs w2  

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I've purchased (although not yet picked up) an NHT T5 system. I currently am running two NHT W2 subs (speaker portion of U2 system). I'm planning to sell one set of subs, but I'm looking for advice on which to keep. I do about 50/50 music and movies.

I've read Peter Moncrieff's evolution review which pretty much flat out dismisses the b5/b6 subs. Others claim all the evo subs 'sound' relatively similar - just with varying levels of max output. Once I can compare both sets in my room, I hope to get a better idea, but I thought I'd see if anyone could give me some general pros/cons of the b5s vs the w2s.

I like the compact size and placement options of the w2s. I'm currently using them for the LFE channel but also feed the bass to the LFE when I listen to music. The b5s might be nice if I someday did stereo bass for music (single point source benefits) but then again they are 12 ohm speakers.

My wife isn't convinced that I need one set for LR and one set for LFE so I'm pretty sure I need to sell one set!

Any tips, relative/subjective information would be great!
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Peter Moncrieff is FOS on a lot of that stuff. Even though he did manage to get a few things right, all in all, don't put too much stock in everything he says in that review.

For instance, he talks of the "kick-back" force in all the non-W1 sub cabinets. Well, just out of curiosity, I filled up a 3- liter bottle of water and put it right up beside of against the side opposing the driver on a B5 cabinet during WOTW. Didn't so much as see the water even slightly ripple once. :rolleyes: :p

As for the B5 vs the W2, the W2 will obviously provide more placement option flexibility, while the B5 will also serve as speaker stands, and perhaps slightly better integration as 2 channel, full range, point source speakers, as you said yourself.

I say keep 'em both. :D
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ALL of the Evolution subwoofers use exactly the same 12" woofer in the same enclosure volume. The bass output and extension from all of them will be exactly the same.

That said. I do think the W1 sounds better than the B5/B6 cabinets. I think most of this has to do with the fact that the B5/B6 subs have large panels opposite the woofers. These are going to vibrate some. The W1 doesn't have this problem because of the much smaller panel area AND the fact that since the drivers are mounted in opposite directions, all of the energy that would be there to excite a panel resonance is cancelled out.
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Thanks for the fast replies! This pretty much confirms my thoughts. Now the test is to get them both in the room and tinker away. Although I can't promise to bring much brand new enlightening information, I'll try to post back with my results and impressions.
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Just to clarify, the W1 (U1 model) is the sub with 2 drivers mounted in opposite directions in the same enclosure.
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Thanks for catching that Mark. During the development process the dual driver cabinet was called the W2 and the single driver cabinet was called the W1. At the last minute, marketing decided to switch the names. The are forever stuck in my head as the originals.
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Actually, the original, development names did make more sense Jack. :cool:

Although I guess I can see why they named the U2 system as they did.

Just curious Jack, but will their be an eventual replacement series for the Evolutions?
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Sorry, but there is no way I'm going to comment on future product plans. Did Ashman put you up to that:)
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When marketing did the naming on those, I was like "WTF?!?" I still have problems myself. One woofer = "2" and 2- woofers = "1"?!? Oh well. If NHT products weren't named in a confusing fashion, it wouldn't be NHT :) People still think the Two is a "One" because*obviously* there would be one of those between the "Zero" and the "Two" :cool:

Yes, I accidentally put him up to that. I think it's about time for a "rEvolution" :D
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Originally Posted by Jack Hidley

Sorry, but there is no way I'm going to comment on future product plans. Did Ashman put you up to that:)
Jack it is great to see you posting around here.

All of us hard core NHTers just want to no what to look for.

I would like to see a bi-pole to match the Evolution line.

Also how do you think the L5 would do horizonlly for rear surrounds.


Sorry forgot what forum I was in.
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