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Philips 50PF9431

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I just picked up one for my bedroom and must say I am VERY impressed with the picture quality so far. I have brought home a few others, The Toshiba at Costco and the Samsung at Sam's. All were virtually the same price. I am trying to stay under $1900. I know there are better sets, but like I said this ones for the bedroom. I have it hooked up to Brighthouse HD thru hdmi and DVD thru hdmi. I think the picture is very solid. Granted it only has Pixel Plus 1, But sersion 2 & 3 didn't seem to get great reviews. The head of our bed is about 12' from the screen, did some DIY ambilight, all looks quite well. have not yet tweaked with Avia, but will within the next few days.

By the way I have the Samsung HLS6187 w/ HD-DVD in the family room to compare to.

Any other owners of the 9431 series care to chime in?
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Congrats on the purchase, did you give any thought to getting a 9631 with Ambilight ?
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They didn't stock that model in my local store. I wanted something I could pick-up/take back if needed. Besides, I have leared I prefer puttin luw voltage tube lighting behind the panel instead....just my preferance. Thanks
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I have this as well and am very happy with it. Virtually my only complaint is the location and size of the "graphics" when adjusting the picture settings.
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Sadly I have had very bad luck with my 9431. In fact it's probably going back to Costco unless I can find the old firmware and see if it solves the problem.

I have a very annoying buzzing noise out of the speakers, and the 'Favorites' menu is very slow (takes about 1 second for it to respond to a 'down' button press on the remote).

Also I have been very unimpressed with Philips tech support -- they have offered virtually no troubleshooting tips, and just referred me to a local service center who told me that they would return it if in my shoes.

I was amazed that Philips did not stock the old firmware for their sets so people like me can see if the firmware upgrade is what hosed the set.

I posted a request in AVS to see if anyone has the old firmware laying around, so I can try it before I return this pathetic piece of gear to Costco.

My experience has really sucked, sorry to say. I was looking fwd to a great set, and unfortunately am left with the only option of either trying another 9431, or trying the Samsung 50" ($200 more) or the Panasonic 50" ($300 more).

Any advice/hints would be appreciated. Please reply on the other thread if you have the firmware, btw: http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=776590

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Paul, exchange it for the 9631.
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Paul, what did you eventually do ???
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