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Any COD3 Gamers Out There?

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Like most 360 owners I have been engrossed with the holiday onslaught of quality titles the past month. I play Gears, COD3, and Rainbow Six Vegas whenever I get a free moment.

Anyway the whole point of this post is to find some people who play COD3. I currently play with a group of Over-25 gamers on Tuesday evenings (around 9:30 ET) but finding enough people to fill those large maps is a challenge. We would love to have some more players for our weekly game. Maybe even a AVSForum vs. LCVG.com battle or two.

If you are hooked on MP COD3 drop me a friends request. My gamertag is BdoUK.
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^^Same here... I picked up RS6 about 2 weeks ago and can't put it down. I'll send you a friend request right now, I'm up for some COD3-- I think the multiplayer is the only good portion on that game--the single player is pretty much the same as COD2.

Gamertag is Lana325.
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I've had COD3 for 2/3 weeks but i haven't started playing it yet...still hooked on gears. Going to beat insane on Co-op and then i should be moving on to cod3

gamertag ICE NY
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Im Game, Gamertag = taubs
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Hey BdoUK,

My buddy and I play for fun almost every other night, usually between 9-11 EST. We'd be more than happy to play with some over 25's who aren't going to run around aimlessly, yell at each other, and punish someone for killing them when they were the person who ran into a set field of fire.

We love playing War, Headquarters, and CTF.

You can add myself and my buddy - SKULLFACE and JadeEarlGreen. We'll send you a friend request.


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Great idea! Please add me to the list.

Gamer Tag: Bart McCool

Thank you,

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Add me.
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i just started playing last night in campaign, fantastic game i can't believe that i have had the game a month and just started playing it, due to gow but what a great game add me as a friend gamertag:trickygmoney80
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im addicted to COD3 MP, gamertag is jedi755
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I have COD3 but to be honest with you I've been putting most of my time in on Saint's Row. Excellent game. I also got Marvel Ultimate Alliance and I've been putting in some time on that as well. Christmas time is a great time for gaming. It used to be because of the Toys R Us 3 for the price of 2 deal, but this year it was the Buy.com/Google checkout deal that did me in.

I just got a PS3 too which I am planning to keep, after selling it is really not an option (for profit reasons). I never had a PS2 so I am going to borrow a ton of their classics.

Too many games, so little time is my moto right now.
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Activision Reveals Plans for Downloadable Call of Duty(R) 3 Maps on Xbox Live(R)

Pack up and get ready to move out! Activision, Inc. announced plans today to release two waves of Call of Duty® 3 multiplayer maps after the holidays: the Bonus Map (free) and the Valor Map Pack (800 Microsoft points). The Bonus Map, named "Champs," will take players to Port Royal de Champs, France for classic Call of Duty infantry-based combat that's great for small to medium-sized online games. The Valor Map Pack will contain five new multiplayer maps that will take players through a maze of French locales that serve up settings primed for intense close-quarters action, whether via online, split-screen or System Link play.

Yahoo biz
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I'm a noob here but am always down for some MP action. I have yet to play COD3 MP though, as soon as I beat the campaign I started playing RB6 Vegas. I play in the evenings (EST) as well.

Halo (the original) got me back into gaming after a hiatus and I still play MP Halo2 all the time.

gamertag = KaoticKarnage

Hope to see you online!
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3 cheers for mature gamers.

You mean we get to play with people that won't team kill then Medic heal you over and over again? Or better yet, kill you just when your about to cap the flag just so they can cap. Yay, no asshats!!!

Gamertag: WetWork
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Sounds fun, always interested in playing with someone over 15 year old! Gamertag: MASNEHENSAW
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There's an update for COD3 today, anyone know what it does?
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stupid gimp here. Add me, but I'm almost always in the top 3 in kills, so make sure I'm on your team for your own good! By the way, I've only played with BigKahuna on this forum and he tore it up!
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Thanks for all the responses guys. I have added a few of you to my friends list and plan to get the rest of you on there shortly (My list is nearly maxed out but I can make room). I will try to post back to this thread with dates and times, but they are almost always on Tuesdays around 9 PM ET.
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Feel free to add me, I'm interested to see where I stand. Ever since I decided to complete GoW on Insane last week, I've been quite rusty and my kill to death ratio isn't what it used to be. I'm a bit average now but my highest kill to death count was 98 - 44. Those who've played the game in the past might have seen me online a few times in player matchups, my gamertag is Jeff Stephen.
Since I rearranged my living room, it seems I'll have to wait for my 50ft network cable to come in so after Friday afternoon I'll be on XBL. See ya then.
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Looks like a few of my friends are going to try and get together tonight for a match around 9 PM ET. If any of you guys are online I'll shoot you an invite!
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When I can get into a game I find COD3 to be a GREAT Live game.
I think a couple of you are already on my friends list but add me if not for some COD3.
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I'm in. Tag= Number39
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Gamertag : Undying

See u on COD3!
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gamertag is: wired4fun

C U all on LIVE!
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Looks like Xbox Live decided to crap out right at 9:00. Hopefully it comes back online soon. I will try to get invites out to you all.
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Thanks for the props...

It's actually DaBigNLilKahuna - anyone here feel free to send me a friend request and state AVS. My youungest is usually online playing, he's mature and a team player.

I love the idea of a set playing time Tuesday nights...

Originally Posted by S L O T H View Post

stupid gimp here. Add me, but I'm almost always in the top 3 in kills, so make sure I'm on your team for your own good! By the way, I've only played with BigKahuna on this forum and he tore it up!
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last night was a bomb. Right at 9:00 we were ready to go and the whole network seemed to shut down! Must have been all the holiday consoles getting up and running or something. By the way, I'm starting a new thread that talks about sniper spots, tactics, and other things about this ultimate online gaming experience that we call COD 3!
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Hey, I haven't had much time over the holidays to play single-player, but will soon be upgrading my membership to Gold to try some MP... Hopefully I can catch up w/ some of you online then... If I can get the kidz off Viva Pinata and the wife off of Lumines

Gamertag = Morbidium
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Yeah, saw a couple of you guys on last night (thanks for the add) but XBOX live took a dump and decided not to cooperate, ended up playing RB6 campaign trying to beat the last level.

Looking forward to playing some COD3 online in the future though!
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I play COD3 when I need a break from Viva Pinata :-) Feel free to add me, I'm an easy frag...

Tag = BeerDuffer
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Add me as well, COD3 MP is a blast.

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