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Just bought a Panasonic PT AX 100E , now I looking for a good audio set-up. What's the deal with active speakers for HT? On a dutch forum got a few very enthusiastic responses and suggestions (e.g. ATC's- minimally at 3000 a pair, going op to 20000, way too expensive for me, or AVI Neutron speakers. Listened to 5 or 6 brands, in the shop was pleased with US made KRK V8, have some Behringers B2031 actives at home to try out. Each speaker has adjustment possibilities for input trim, hi and lo freq. curves, room compensation, but that could be complicated finding the right levels. I guess I should stay away from nearfields, need big sweetspot in HT I assume.
If I just use a pre amp (or section), do I miss out on HDMI ? Other aspects I have to take into consideration?