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Hookup ?--> JVC TH-C50

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Just bought a JVC TH-C50 for my wife and myself being it's the holidays. We already have an 42" Panasonic (TH-42PX60U) HDTV to go with it.

DVD's sound/look great to us at least. Hooked it up using HDMI Out on the HTIB into HDMI In on the TV. No Problems.

Switched to TV program that is broadcast in HD and 5.1 sound (very popular program and seen the HD and 5.1 logos come on screen). Nothing. Ok didn't have source selection being I wasn't playing a DVD anylonger. So I hooked cables into AUX IN (VCR) (right and left) on the HTIB into PROG Out Audio on tv (right and left). I can "force" system" to reproduce 5.1 but it's not true 5.1 by changing the surround mode.

I also have an Digital (Optical) Audio out on the TV and an Optical Digital Audio In on the HTIB and another source selection called DBS on the HTIB. Will this give me true 5.1 sound on those programs that are broadcast in it? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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Your receiver will need a digital signal (either digital/coaxial or optical/Toslink) to decode into what you refer to as "true 5.1 sound". What you probably get now is Dolby Pro Logic at best, which is decoded from a 2 channel analog signal (you probably used 2 RCA Pin-jack cables to connect to the AUX IN, right?), or perhaps you are having to use one of the Digital Sound Processor settings to get "Jazz Club", "Stadium", "Live Surround", "Studio Mix", or some other self-descriptive soundfield.

Not sure about the DBS on the HTIB (might be for a satellite system), but I suspect if you go with the optical digital out on the TV into the optical Digital Audio In on the HTIB you will get your true (discrete) 5.1 sound.

Good luck.

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YerDugliness thanks for the fast reply.

You are right about how I now have 2 RCA Pin-jack cables connecting to the AUX IN connection.

Then I've been putting surround mode in Movie or Music to get get Dolby Pro Logic 2 or Stadium mode to get DTS.

Hopefully the Optical Digital IN (DBS) (Direct Broadcasting Satellite) on the HTIB is just an example of what could be connected to it. Thinking this perhaps because it gives the source selection a name and that DBS is a tuner. Maybe I'm reaching here not sure. TV just has it labeled Digital Optical Out. I'm going to give it a shot.

Instruction manual says this: "Only digital audio signals can be input when selecting "DBS" as the source to play. When connecting a video component such as a DBS tuner, operate this system to listen to the sound."
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Use a toslinc cable from the optical out from the tv adn connect to the optical in on the th-c50 and select DBS on the input. You should be all set then. I have the th-c50 with my Comcast cable box connected to the DBS input and all is great.

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry for the delay in replying back. Forgot I had started a thread.

This weekend I'm getting directv's and their HD box. Hopefully I'll still be able to get 5.1 sound from local programming via off air antenna and those programs on the satellite.
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