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Retractable Fixed Frame Screen

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Hello all,

I am entertaining an idea of a retractable fixed frame screen that can be retracted into the attic above. Anyone ever heard of this? It would be the ultimate solution for a multiuse room and still have the luxury of having a fixed frame screen. The screen could be a diy or manufactured one. I was thinking of having the frame retract into a closed in housing in the attic to protect it from the elements and eliminate any opening from the living area and the attic. I am a residential framing contractor so the framing and building of the structure would be no problem but the mechanical side of it would be the challenging part.
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That would be cool, and your doors to the room could be made of drywall to match your ceiling around it, and have it seal with rubber weather stripping and insulation above it. If you have the space and the expertise to do that, then the costs would be probably be the same as a good electric screen, if you were going to build a DIY screen from laminates and such. I was going to go with an electric screen and build an oak valance around it to hide it. Then my wife was going to use the valance as a shelf for decorative plants.

The only thing would be if anything goes wrong, doors stick, motor gives out, etc, it would be pretty annoying to go up to the attic just to investigate the issues.
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Welcome to the AVS Forums!

Interesting idea. A similar concept is used for flat panel tv's. There are cabinets available for them that look like furniture, but actually contain a lift mechanism that raises the tv out the top for viewing. There are also some available that drop out of the ceiling, or swing down. Google "tv lifts".

I do see a potential problem with your idea - if you live in a colder climate, the screen might have condensation issues when it comes down out of that cold attic into a heated room. Venting the trap door might solve the problem.

Here's an interesting link:
Click on "ceiling lifts.

A garage door opener could be adapted to provide the mechanism.

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Any updates on this? I'm thinking about doing this. My design would be different though. i'd make an enclosure in the attic that would be heavily insulated so no condensation and also save on heating/cooling bills. I'm thinking either pnuematic or using a direct drive like a garage door opener.
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if you can drop it between two ceiling joists then you got it made..If they dont run the way you want to drop it then you will be doing some framing my friend
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Hi Phil;

Neat idea. I like screens that are permanently framed, too. Blackoper's idea of building a box inside the attic that is open to the room environment, but closed to the attic environment is the way I would go. No cold blast of air when you deploy the screen, no bats flying into the room from the attic.

I suspect if the roof is the way you've shown it, then the roof trusses are probably aligned so that no framing is in the way. Piece of cake.

Let me know how this works out. I'm still working on solving a few issues with my screen lift mechanism, such as noisy motor sending heavy vibrations from my basement ceiling into the rooms above. But I'll get there.

Cheers, Tom.
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hey you guys check this thread out... http://www.avsforum.com/avs-vb/showthread.php?t=802896
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