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Hellava good alien movie!! Put this one at the top of your queue or find it to rent. Awesome looking aliens, gore(not overdone...just enough) and great surrounds adds to the suspense. Oh and not a bad story either...
This is one of the rare gems I look for, in the chance rentals of bad horror movies.
I gotta own it .
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Thanks. I put it in my queue. I have 4 discs waiting for me at the PO when I pick up my mail. "The Evolved" is one - should be interesting.

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I've got a free rental coupon, so I'll get "The Evolved" this weekend!!
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Good call Chewbacco, I really enjoyed this one. As you mentioned, AQ is very good, PQ is pretty good also. Great concept, excellant effects!
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Really enjoyed this movie, and it's a shame the studio didn't bother with extras like a making-of or commentary.
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AWESOME! I'm glad you guys liked it too..
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Made by the same guys who brought us the "Blair Witch Project" Let me state I HATED BWP with a passion. This movie however held my interest.

Plot: Fifteen years ago, five men were abducted by aliens. Only four returned. Now, these same four men have managed to capture one of the creatures who killed their friend and ruined their lives. It's time for payback but payback swings both ways.

This is a Horror-SciFi/Thriller/Drama which is the reason I wanted to see it. Since it was put out by Rogue pictures I figured i would give it try.

This movie is low budget, decent acting and a good story. Movie is creepy and dark which adds to the atmosphere.Creatures FX was very well done. The movie at times moves slow but not slow enough for me to complain. It did leave a few unanswered questions that could have been handled better, but that too adds film feel.

One of the things I liked about the movie is that they used adults vs teens/college students and its R rating. I do enjoy horror but I really enjoy it more if they would stop making PG-13 films for kids but marketed to adults.

I don't want to give much away but if you watch horror monster movies you have seen the formula before. Still it's worth a rental.
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This has been sitting in my NF queue and from the looks of things I may get it this week.

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Is it gore/jump-out-to-scare-you kinda horror?
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Limited Gore, no jump out scare you horror.

More of you are in a dark scary place, what do I do not horror. It's heavy on the Thriller side.
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Merged threads.

I just finished watching the DVD. Very good! PQ was quite good as was the audio. I'd like to see this again in HD.

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Not too shabby. Way to go Sanchez!
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