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Thanks Jim. I did several searches but couldn't find one with any date estimation. Hopefully Robert's right!

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I can't believe that a 24p-Update is coming that soon. For now, I have heard nothing official, that 24p-Support is coming! For now I only have Robert's statement and sorry, but this is not enough for me.
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Can you believe that there will be a 24frame-output at all?
If so, it would be most interesting whether origin 24frame-output or reproduced 24-frames.
If reproduced, it should be also no problem to upgrade a 720/24p or 48p-output.
That would be fun!

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Originally Posted by JimP View Post


I was looking that up yesterday and found where Robert said that it would arrive by the end of Feb or sooner.

Robert also said the first XA2 update would be here by now. It is safe to assume that this also would be wrong.


PS. I would LOVE to have Toshiba actually be combining the two updates into one big update for the end of Feb. I just don't think we will be that lucky.
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Where is Robert, the **************** guy? I'd love to know what the current stance of Toshiba is on this issue. Can you hear us Robert?
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