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Panasonic DMR-ES40V  

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I did one of my "crazy cheap" eslay buys for this unit. It arrived today and everything checked out fine. I'm test recording with it now. Seller said there was a problem because the display read error code "RC2" which was nothing more than setting the remote up correctly.

It seems like a solid build. Great quality. My first recorder was a Panasonic DMR-E30 if I remember correctly.

Does anybody have the skinny on this unit?
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I'm pretty sure this is one of the Panny's that used the LSI chip in it because it was rushed to market in 2005 to replace the 2005 ES30V because it din't have a DV Input.

It wasn't as well built as the previous Combos the 2004 DMR-E75V or the DMR-ES30V which it replaced but a lot of people have had good luck with it.

If you do a search on it & "LSI" chip you should get a bunch of info on it.

What do you consider "crazy cheap"?
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Actually it wasn't as crazy as I thought. I just checked and I paid $36 for it.
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Well I'd say that's "Crazy" enough! :D

Heck the remote alone is worth almost as much & even if it din't record I still think it's a good deal because look how much a RAM DVD Player only goes for :(

A few weeks back I bought the ES30V model for my daughter from a board member here & she loves it especially the LP 4 hour mode because now she can record 4 hours of her soaps :eek: at a Very Good Picture Quality compared to her older Panny E55 that din't have the Full Resolution in the LP mode. Again a great buy & I hope you have good luck with it.
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Thanks. I'll probably only have it for a couple of months or so but I haven't had a panasonic for a while wanted to get an opinion. It sounds like it may not be a typical panasonic because of the LSI chipset though. It does have dv in.

Craziest of the the crazy cheap for me was a Magnavox MRV700 for $5.50 and two Toshiba RD-KX50's for $114.77 ($57.39 per unit). The Magnavox was purchased for its component inputs and works fine. I wanted to test one.

The Toshibas I purchased for the HDD, HDMI upscalling, and the superior editing capabilities. They were basically new in box and came from a Best Buy auction liquidator. Packed like new with just the remotes missing. I'll eventually wind up with just one of them.

So there are some crazy deals out there.
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I sent you a PM.
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Originally Posted by Bill1313
I sent you a PM.
I got it last night. I thought I replied?
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