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Connecting three subs and Buttkickers

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I'm running two Hsu subs at the screenwall of my HT, one SVS was just added to the rear center, and I'm now adding Buttkickers to the chairs. My question is:

1.How many Y splitters are too many? I use one at the front splitting the cable to the Hsu subs and one at the sub out to split the Hsu and rear SVS. Should I just add another Y splitter to at the cable going to the SVS? That's three splitters from one sub out. Is there a disadvantage or technical problem with this arrangement.

2. I have a seperate B&K 2 channel amp. Would this 200 watt amp likely be capable of driving five Buttkicker LFEs? If not, is the Buttkicker amp currently available able to drive five Buttkickers (I've seen setups with it driving only four)?
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I'm essentially splitting that many times, and haven't noticed any problems (but on the other hand, there is the equivelant of pre-amps in the chain).

On the buttkickers... five is a bit of a problem from a load perspective. Either four or six would be easier. No good way to evenly split five up. Probably best done with two amps, or a two channel amp. How much power does your B&K have, and what impedance can it handle?
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Your b&K is not going to effectively drive 5 buttkickers. Even running the b&K with 2 buttkickers is not going to be enough. Your B&K probably puts out 300-350 watts into 4 ohms. The minimum recommended power is 400 watts for the buttkicker, but they really need much more. The buttkicker amp is really the best deal going, You can drive 2 buttkickers with one amp and give each one 1000 watts. I have 2 buttkickers running on a single amp, and recently just started powering my 2 subwoofers with a single buttkicker amp. I went from 2 NHT SA-3 amplifiers to a single buttkicker. It works very well for both the sub and the shakers.
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