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Jvc Hd-61z456

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JVC HD-61Z456 TV Anyone have any experience with this set?

Thanks in advance.
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I have found some info in other forums but to me this is the only place that I trust and respect.
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I wonder why there are only 2 threads for this particular model.

I'm wondering what the manufacture dates are for this model?

...and of course how this model performs.

I see quite a bit of hubbub concerning bulb life in jvcs but not this model in particular.
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Thanks for the thread...perfect timing.

I am interested in learning more about this model as well.

All comments, good/bad, welcome.

Many thanks
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I purchased one tonight so I will let you know my results once I get it setup and the stand assembled. Based on my initial impression at the "store" it is a great value for the price that I got it for with a 5 year warranty and matching stand. The picture quality appeared very crisp with natural looking skin tones. They obviously where playing a DVD so I cannot say what the Analog SD input quality is yet.
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I got one over the weekend too...just gave in

Its setup, and the stand came with it.

Looks good on 720P; l have tried Dish HD only. Analog channels look better than my 8 yr old Mits big screen projection TV.

Its very bright at the default setting; too bright. So, do need to use some kind of setup disk (AVIA or something)...next weekend. Any best know methods here are welcome

And yes, it is great value for the price
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I also picked one up with a free stand and 5 year service plan last Friday for my bedroom set. It is incredibly bright, and the adjustments in the setup have done nothing to tone it down to acceptable levels. Is there any way to fix it?
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The adjustments makes it OK...as far as i can see. The Movie Theater setting (i think that is the name) works OK.

I do not have an AVIA disk or equivalent to caliberate it. You may want to try.

Am unable to figure out as to how to do CC on digital HDMI connection.

Any other new learnings from playing with the set?

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I'm trying to find the service manual, but so far having no luck. I found an electronic copy on ebay, but the auction was pulled.
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Pls see your PM
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I bought this TV last friday. I hook up with Verizon FiosTV via Motorola QIP 6416 DVR set top box. I hook up via HDMI. The pictures are better than I expected on regular chennels and very good on HD Chennels ( Both locals and nationals). I thought this JVC should have 2 HDMI inputs since I saw the ad on Overstock and other sites.
Also, I can not use STB remote control to control the sound volume when I use HDMI. The bar is moving but the sound level stay the same until it goes to minimum and the sound disappear. I need to use tv remote to adjust the sound.
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Does the CC work when using HDMI only? I cannot figure out how.

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Sorry, RickK. I don't know what CC means. All functions of my stb remote work OK ( on Cable mode) except volume control. On TV mode, the stb remote can control volume, tv chennel, input and aspect.
I still wonder about HDMI input. Is there one or two? I found only one on the back of the TV.
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CC = Close Captioning
I am unable to make it work on HDMI. Was wondering is you were able too?

Yes, this has only 1 HDMI port. I check before i bought it. Here in OR, they had advertised this with 2 HDMI, 2 Firewire ports...and when i called them on it, they said that that was a mistake and issued a clarification that they posted at the door Kay sera sera

Think, for the price...it is a decent deal. Perhaps, better than a decent deal.
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C. C. is not working on my tv either. You're right, for the price, it's good deal. Now I have to see the life of the lamp. I read a lot of negative things about it.
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The store warranty covers one lamp, i believe. Also, in Year 1....if the lamp goes, JVC should cover it; so if need be, use that first. After those lamps or lamp...we are on our own. Now, there are some companies selling aftermarket warranties...like Mack. Have never used them...any ideas?
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Originally Posted by rkapur View Post

Think, for the price...it is a decent deal. Perhaps, better than a decent deal.

At the price, it was a steal.
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Question for the new users of this...
- I feel that i see some kind of texture to the picture, and it is not as smooth as my HD projector. I have tried HDMI, and Component Video; at 720p and 1080i; with two different sources (Sat DISH, and an upconverting DVD player). Now, this texture is not exactly overtly "pixel-y" or digital, but feels more like a screen texture (funny thing is that the screen surface, atleast, is smooth and not textured). Its almost as if there is a tectured film over the screen. It is most noticable in SD; but even HD, i see it.

Called JVC, and they did not have any ideas...except get inhome service.

Any of you have any ideas? How is your experience? Is the picture smooth textured, or do you see any texture-y type of image?

Obviously, I would not want to return this.

Many Thanks

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I see it too, especially when close and standing above the TV or at an angle to it. I'm not sure what causes it, but I haven't seen it on the SXRD TV's.
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DON'T BUY A JVC HD-61Z456. I know I am late posting this message, but if I can prevent someone from making the same mistake I did, then it is worth my time to post this. This TV has been a pain in the neck since it was purchased. First of all, after spending several thousand dollars on the stupid thing, we have to purchase a bulb every 6 months. The TV repair man said it needed to be replaced every year, but we have found if we wait that long, we will have a hard time seeing the screen for 6 months. The screen was very dark and we could not make out any of the people on it. The bulbs cost $200 each. I know you can get them off the internet for a lot less, but I was told not to buy them, because it will mess up a major circuit somewhere in the TV. Even with a brand new bulb, it is still impossible to see the TV especially when it shows a darken area in the movie. Also, I am on a first name basis with the repair man. That is also a small fortune. The TV made a loud explosion, scared me and the dogs to death. The Repairman came and picked up the set, and told me that the bulb had exploded. The bill was $457.60! It still isn't fixed yet. It keeps turning off, and then you have to wait 5 minutes before turning it back on. Also the HDMI port doesn't work. If you have lots of money, and want one of these TV's, with a somewhat unclear picture, all the more power to you! There are a lot of TV's out there that don't cost an arm and a leg, and I highly recommend any one buy this one!
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Never use after market lamps, use Phillips brand & Direct Merchants in San Diego, CA has best prices on Web unless you have wholesale account with supplier. This set takes a PHI669 or TS-CL110UAA-C.
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