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help with Sim2 C3X - Bulb

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I have had my C3X for about 8 months (500 hrs) and tonight I heard a pop and the light went out in the middle of a movie. I have not opened the projector but I smelled smoke. I shut the projector off and let the fan run till it stopped before turning off the power completely. My question is, should I replace the bulb myself or take it to the Sim2 office in Miramar Florida (which is about 1 hour away). I'm sure it can't be as easy as replacing a regular bulb but is it a fairly simple task? Does the process require re-calibration? Where can I get the bulb? Lastly, warranty? (I bought this projector from a dealer that does not provide reliable service so will Sim2 help) Does anyone know the answer to these questions.
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I am not a C3X owner. Hopefully an owner will respond to the sound you heard and subsequent smoke, but it does sound like a bulb. You should be able to change the bulb on your own, however, the more important question is why did it (if it is the bulb) fail at only 500 hours. While it is certainly possible to fail that early, it is unusual. Did the bulb fail because of a flaw in the bulb, a power problem, or a PJ problem? I would discuss this with a reputable Sim2 dealer or their tech support.

As to warranty, it really depends on what the warranty indicates is covered. It is unusual to cover a bulb beyond 90 days, but it is possible the C3X has better coverage. If it is something in the PJ that caused the failure, then the bulb might be covered. In any case, the answers to these questions are best found with Sim2.

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Replacing the lamp on a C3X is very easy. I changed mine without removing it from its ceiling mount. All that's needed is the right size metric torx-head screwdriver. After replacing the lamp, mine only needed minor recalibration of the gray scale.
I, however, agree with the prior poster in recommending taking it to Sim2 and have them check it out - especially since you're so close to their Florida facility. They can also easily reset the lamp timer as this control is in the service menu and not accessible without the password.

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I believe the C3X lamp has a warranty of 1 year. From time to time, lamps do fail prematurely which is why most manufactures only warranty their lamps for 90 days. Since you are within driving distance of SIM2's facilities in Florida, I would call and make an appointment to have the lamp replaced and the unit checked for any instability that may have contributed to the failure. They can also check to see that you have the latest software, etc.
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All great suggestions, I'm calling Sim2 today. Thanks I'll update this thread when I speak to the Sim2 folks.
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On a side note, for you Sim2 C3X owners, here's a photo Sim2 shows of the C3X on their website.

Here's a photo they show right underneath that of the C3X of what looks like a projector made by Texas Instruments

Does anyone know what this projector is? I can't find it on the TI site. One more question. With all the 1080p stuff hitting the market these days, any regrets in going for the C3X? I'm currently looking at going from a 300e to the 3000e but it's just window shopping at this point.
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the unit with the 1080 figure and dark cabinet will be the new HT5000 by SIM2. It is a DLP with 3x1080p chipset by TI.

It will be an amazing unit. I have seen it here in Germany

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I'll bet it's going to be expensive.
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Originally Posted by javry View Post

I'll bet it's going to be expensive.

Yes, it already is!!

$50,000 MSRP.

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auwfly purdy
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Actually, the projector itself retails for $49,995. That doesn't include the lense. The lenses (6 total options) are $6595 in addition to the price of the projector.
There will be a dual amp HT5000 as well as a HT5000Link available probably next quarter.
I saw the HT5000 at Cedia and hate that I am missing it this week at CES, but I have one sold that will be installed within the next couple of months.
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Does the street version still have a Texas Instruments logo on it? And what in the world makes it so expensive?
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Does the HT series fit in above or below the C3X series? I love the pic that the c3 throws out, so i am hoping for a sub 20k 1080p 3 chip, but 50k for this monster does not give me much hope
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I saw a HT5000 by SIM2 for sale on St Marks Place and Second Ave in Manattan for 25K with a lens.
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Bargain! The HT5000 is very nice but also bloody huge, you would need a seriously big room for it. Of course, we all know the 1080p C3X is going to be the dogs proverbials
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