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ok i need to make my screen tommorow my MITS.HD1000U projector should be early next week i was going to use blackout cloth or paint room is total dark.92inch screen seating 13feet away.if i paint iwas going to use 2 COATS KILZ PRIMER,2 COATS UPW,2 COAT POLY #780.does that seem right for my screen?THANK YOU
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no i have not bought the primer yet.going to buy supplys in the morning after reading this thread i beleive paint is going to much better than boc.
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do i add the 030 lamp black + 010 yellow qxide to the primer? will they mix that for me at HD.
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hey,tiddler i just found your post in my thread THANK YOU.i posted my answer to my idea on the boc let me know what you think. and do you think the boc will be to white the boc would be better for me right now if it would work because it is cheaper to make.but if paint is better i will do that.THANK YOU VERY MUCH
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THANK YOU TIDDLER!! so i just need to paint 2 coats of the tinted primer then 2 coats #780 top coat.THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR ALL YOUR HELP I WAS REALLY CONFUSED.
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i saw apeice of thin panel board and lowes 4x8 so it will work for a 92 inch screen it is brown one side is shiny and the other side is duller.
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i was going to paint the board use the hockey tape for boarded then on the back of the board i was going to add 2 peices of wood in top right and left corner for the s hook and chain.
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hey,tiddler i just read your post for my boc screen.i think you might be right i should do the boc screen first.i will make that screen this weekend so i will have a screen when my projector arrives in about 2 weeks when i have some extra$ i still want to make the painted screen because i do think it will be much better.do you think that idea with my panel board would be ok.ONCE AGAIN I THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU HELP AND BEING SO NICE I KNOW I HAD ALOT OF QUESTIONS.
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it was the answer in my thread.but you know the more i think about i think i am going to paint the screen i think i can do it and if i spent that kind of money on a projector i should have a nice screen. so i am going in the morning for the paint a a 4x8 board will have them cut it for a 92inch screen.i will then put 2 coats of the primer mix and then 2 coats of the top coat then use hockey tape for a border.
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just got finshed reading the painting instruction i think i can do it. i should wait about 3 hours for the 1st coat of primer to dry then do another coat is that right.then after the 2nd coat dries do the top coat let 12 hours then anohther coat?yea i think i will be hapier with this screen because the whole time with the boc screen i will be thinking about how better a screen i could have if just spent a little more $.
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brown walls flat white ceiling but i will be painting the ceiling brown drapes are tan color even during the day i can make the totally dark.
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i am going to use a brown peice of panel i saw at lowes it is 4x8 i will get it cut to 47x82 giving me an inch for a border.does it matter it the border is not flush with the screen?or does the border have to be flat and even with the screen
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yea i will have to do a border out of some kind of trim that way it will be stiffer and hold up when i take it down for storage when i am not using it.i never thought of piano wire where can i buy that i was going to use a black thin chain.i meant to ask you since the panel board it brown one side shinny and the other side duller i should paint the dull side right? and i should buy a gallon because more than likely i will nedd 3 coats since the board is brown.do you still think i should just use the PRIMER AND POLY,no white because my room is fairly dark? ithink i read in one of your posting that a little gray helps anyway i just want the best picture possible i will going to get everything in a few hours.
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getting ready to and go to HD what about the border does it have to flat and even with the screen i was thinking about getting some nice trim which will probally be about 1/2 above the screen.
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no i did like your idea of no border that is what iam going to try first.iam going to buy everything today except the border.
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well i went and bought everything 1st coat is drying now. i thought of a idea instead of hanging the screen from the ceiling could i just make 2 or 3 little stands that the screen can sit on my screen is only 23 inchs frm the floor.i i did buy every for the ceiling mount but i am thinking the stands might better what do you think?
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i just finished the 2nd coat i will need 1 maybe 2 more coats.that dark brown board was hard to cover after 2 coats i can see a little brown in a few spots bleeding threw.i got lucky and started looking for studs in the ceiling and found that the stud was in the perfect place to ceiling mount.so i guess i will do that already bought the stuff to ceiling mount.should i leave the roller in the bag over night or clean it i will need to use it again in the morning for 2 more coats?
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good i have it in a bag right now.4 coats won't hurt my picture will it?after the final coat dries tommorrow i should let the last coat dry 5 hours? and could i clean the roller i used for the paint to apply the poly or use a new one?
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finally figured out how to mount the screen went with the chains top of screen is 24 inches from ceiling.never got around to putting on another coat of paint will do that tomorrow.my projector should be here tomorrow or tuesday if the projector does show up tomorrow can i watch a movie while the paint or poly is drying or do i have to wait for it to dry.i do not have a digital camera but when my brothers comes for a visit in april i will use his and take some pictures.
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ok thank you i will go buy a whitye sheet in the morning so if the projector comes i can start to set it up.it rained all day here in richmond could not paint then i got a flat tire coming back from hd.
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You can still use the screen while it dries without issue, he's just telling you that while it is still wet, it will NOT be showing you what it will when it's dry.

He's just giving you the heads up, trying to make sure you don't freak out when you see stuff that may not look as good as it will when it's fully cured.
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Just in case I missed it........

IF that paint or poly is REALLY wet(and is horizontal on saw horses etc..), I would NOT hang it until it is reasonably dry.

I've seen folks talk about sag and runs, which to me means heavy coats(too heavy).

Thin coats take squat to dry enough in a reasonable temperature room.

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I paint vertical as well(my wall, if I was using laminate, I would hang it first as well, and shoot a blank image onto it to ensure proper size/location), but I wasn't sure what he was doing, because he is hanging that screen.
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well i got good news and bad news.good news first received my projector today just watching it right now with a blackout cloth hanging from the ceiling looks good.after seeing how good it looks i got the go ahead to move the room around now i can paint a screen on the wall.so i will not have to use the screen i started making.now i can paint a bigger screen that will be awesome.
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LMAO !!! bahahahah

" Honey, that looks sweet, maybe you could make the screen a lil bigger?"


Get to it!!
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I saw in YOUR thread, that you have 14' throw distance available, is that to the FRONT of the lens? If so, it looks like you can do up to 117" according to the PJC calculator.
If it's actually 13'(to the front/lens), you have 108"

Both are SUBSTANTIALLY larger than 92", and that PJ is plenty bright enough to handle either.
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yes i can hang it to see how it looks have not tried that yet.right now i have a 14 foot throw the screen is right about 106 inchs the htrow will be around the same size when i move everything but i have a real big wall to paint it will take a while because the wall has alot nicks.
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i was thinking of just using the same paint as before with the screen is that right or do i need a different kind of paint the wall right now is dark blue.iwas going to paint the scren right on the wall then a black border around it?
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This example shows how our eyes see black as a contrast to white.

I lifted this photo from one of Tiddlers examples above and cropped out the area I found interesting. Tiddler mentioned in his post that he was getting good black levels with this panel he was testing and I saw it as a good example of what I have been talking about as perceived blacks.

The photo has several areas I tested with my color sampling tool the one I use is called (Visual Color Picker 2.6) and it's a freeware download if some want to try it out or mspaint has something similar I think.

In the screen shot I tested the black below the test panel then the brown area where no light is on the panel (basic screen lit with ambient light) then the white in the snow and finally the black of the truck and tire.

Results of color sampling in RGB values.

Border black 3 3 3
Basic screen 67 40 33
White snow 242 251 255
Truck black 76 44 33
Tire black 99 82 62

As the numbers point out the black of the truck and the basic screen with no light shining on it other than ambient are almost the same color. This idea is key IMO to the whole concept of understanding a neutral gray screen. It's not important to know in enjoying one though. I get remarks all the time as to how unbelievable black and shiny images look on my screen. If your eyes see it and your brain receives the information who am I to say its not really black.

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Originally Posted by tiddler View Post

I'm not sure if this is relevant to your comment but the sample panels are all untinted Behr Exterior Primer #436. In other words they are white. I do beleive there are components in this stain blocking primer similar to adding poly to paint as you do though. So I found it interesting how well this white primer screen performed. I think that is in part due to the composition of the primer.

I have had some comments from others who are finding that some primers can perform as well as some of the mixes they have used. I also beleive there are components added to washable/scrubable matte enamels like Gray Screen that are helping tham perform as screen paint.

The advantage to your approach is that you control thge sheen, but for those who want a no-mix solution there are a lot of unexplored avanues out there yet.


I knew my post was off topic in this thread and I elaborated more on it over in my thread.


Starting at post 117. I did kind of know the base primer in your screen shots appears as a white to the eye under room light. What I used your screen shot for over in my thread was to show the apparent perceived blacks in the truck almost exactly matched the ambient illuminated primer surface. I then repeated the experiment with one of my screen shots comparing the non projected to surface to the darkest part of a bright image.

Over in that thread I blew up a small sample of the color and eliminated the contrasting part of the image to show the closeness of the two colors.

I can remove that post from your thread if you want. But I wanted you to know I swiped a image from you..
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