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Thank you all for help.

I made the first mistake to calibrate AV on watching TV :-(
Then the 2nd, i did the Firmware Reset :-((

So all 4 Sources was without calibration. DTV and HDMI was with good look, but Status at failed.
This one was no problem to calibrate by PC sending 8black/8white pattern with top/left in black via HDMI.

For AV i tried to use my DVD Player with burnt DVD and some images like the b/w pattern and some with colours. Without any funktion.

Now i tried with a lean Wii with pics at SD-Card. First the same like DVD, so i tried to calibrate the colours manually via ADC Target with levels of the HDMI Input. Changed levels to

1st_Y_GH: 128
1st_Y_GL: 100
2nd_R_L: 194
2nd_G_L: 194
2nd_B_L: 194
2nd_R_H: 49
2nd_G_H: 49
2nd_B_H: 49

with this the pic came near to the HDMI with good tolerance. After switch off/on, it was possible to calibrate automatic over ADC Funktion. The violett square was hopping around in 4 positions and avter 20 seconds it was done with success.

I hope this will help all others with problems getting it done.

My automatic results are:

1st_Y_GH: 306
1st_Y_GL: 112
2nd_R_L: 134
2nd_G_L: 134
2nd_B_L: 134
2nd_R_H: 68
2nd_G_H: 68
2nd_B_H: 68
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I'm successed,the picture turn mormal finally!! Instead run the calibratation process just set 1st_Y_GH & 1st_Y_GL manualy till the picture looks great, Thanks everybody!!!
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Can someone give us-send us via PM or as a post in here the manual for the Samsung B750 series (LCD panel)?
I saw here many factory sheets for Samsung models...
I got a AV calibration failure (2 years now) and i have still not found how to fix it...
I need help...
I am desperate...
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I also accidentally got into the HDMI calibration on my 71 series Samsung.. Although I never got a fail, nor a success.. it just said "HDMI calibration" on the screen and the colors of the screen kept cycling through weird shades and then after about 10 minutes it stopped cycling colors but I couldn't get out of the menu.. I ended up pulling the power cable on the tv.

When I turned the tv back on, all my color settings were way off and using my old color calibrations don't come close to looking the same anymore..

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Originally Posted by Diversion View Post

I also accidentally got into the HDMI calibration on my 71 series Samsung.. Although I never got a fail, nor a success.. it just said "HDMI calibration" on the screen and the colors of the screen kept cycling through weird shades and then after about 10 minutes it stopped cycling colors but I couldn't get out of the menu.. I ended up pulling the power cable on the tv.

When I turned the tv back on, all my color settings were way off and using my old color calibrations don't come close to looking the same anymore..


My friend...
I had the same problem for 2 years...
2 years the same nightmare, 2 years searching and testing patterns, ideas, suggestions...
I also bought the service manual of my TV...
I had no success...
1 month ago i found this link http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/Calibration and i followed axcactly the instructions...
After 2 years my TV was calibrated into success AGAIN...
If you have any questions it will be my pleasure to help you because I KNOW your nightmare about this...
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I too have accidently run the HDMI Calibration (stupid menu controls!!), I've recalibrated using the built-in checkerboard pattern found in the SVC menu but my picture still seems dim on all inputs...

While in the service menu the image is bright and vibrant but if I restart the TV then the picture is dull, I've managed to get around this by increasing the Sub Brightness in the AVD/WB menu but could someone tell me what their default settings are for a Samsung D6530 please?

Also, do I need to re-calibrate all inputs? (HDMI, AV, Comp and PC?) or can I just leave it calibrated via HDMI only as this seems to have fixed the image aside from the brightness.

To think I was just trying to find a way to turn off the auto dimming

- Rich
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A AV ADC calibrate was done when on the TV input (analog channel) and it not just failed, it won't allow any further calibrations using a checkerboard (or lattice pattern as Sammy calls it) as their Service manual calls for. According to the SM, Sammy calls for a lattice or checkerboard pattern with the AV input as with allothers. Others in then thread state it needs color bars.

Now, when I use a split gray scale pattern, the Y steps below 50% are at or around black and the others are at a overall reduce level, probably topping out at 50%. Only the analog sources are affected (analog TV channels and the composite input). Component, VGA, digital tuner channels and HDMI are fine.

When I re-tried the calibration, that magenta square does not move as it is suppose to do. Even after doing a factory reset, it just sits there. Lastly, even though only a 'AV' calibrate was originally attempted, HDMI & component also show failed. Of the four types of tests, only 'PC' shows success. No other input calibrate was done.

Why won't a factory reset allow the calibration to proceed?
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Per others, a Color Bar test was done, but the same thing. That magenta square does not move. The process stops with a failure.
Since I wasn't there when the mistake was made, I never saw what the service menu stats were. For all I know those other inputs could of showed failed. He doesn't know either as he never looked. (He didn't know I had a signal generator and assumed what ever else was needed would be provide within the set. )
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Originally Posted by foxlab View Post

Our TV was successfull.
If the calibration image on the TV MENU dark, blurry, or dark, is not worried.
Similar model to find the hidden menu settings you can write and impose themselves on TV.

I have the same model of ua40d5000 samsung LED TV.And my AV calibration is fail now .
How did you make it OK ?
Please help me and give me the steps.
Thank you .
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Originally Posted by chan925 View Post

Just want to second this way of fixing it. I have a LN46B750 and I made the same blunder except it was my Component setting. I inverted the checkerboard like you did so the upper left square is black, then set my WDTV Live to 720p and displayed it there. It then succeeded in the service menu (and I got the hell out of there FAST after that ).

The checkerboard I used is attached for anyone else with a LN46B750. It might even work on the entire B750 line.

Thanks for chan925 in post 97 ! this worked great for Samsung UN46C5000 HDMI Calibration ! Since i did not have a USB drive I set the Blu ray player output to 720p, uploaded the image to Picasa Webalbums, opened the fullscreen image via VUDU Picasa app and it calibrated in 5 seconds ! v Happy
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Hi to everyone
i m from greece and ny english is not so good.
i have this lcd tv:
samsung LE40A457C1D
and i make the same mistake with many others in here.
i push the right button on my remote while i was in service menu-->calibration-->HDMI calibration.
and now i m seeing .
i have an htpc connected on tv with hdmi cable.
what i must do to get sucess?
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Originally Posted by chriss1 View Post

Hi to everyone
i m from greece and ny english is not so good.
i have this lcd tv:
samsung LE40A457C1D
and i make the same mistake with many others in here.
i push the right button on my remote while i was in service menu-->calibration-->HDMI calibration.
and now i m seeing .
i have an htpc connected on tv with hdmi cable.
what i must do to get sucess?

Run the calibration with the attached picture displayed in full screen. Calibration was a success after a few seconds for me.
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Hi all, I apologize in advance for my English I have a computer UE40D5000 Samsung and I had the same problem with HDMI calibration error. I enclose your instructions, including the Annex calibration pattern. To do this, connect the PC to the TV via HDMI cable to HDMI / DVI input television. Set on a PC screen resolution to 1280x720 pixels. Display of the image viewer with me that the test pattern in full-screen mode (for example: Zoner Photo Studio) Run HDMI calibration service menu TV. In a few seconds the calibration is successful and you can sleep in peace as I did Before this calibration recommended FACTORY RESET in the service menu to adjust the colors back to factory settings!

And now for the Czech speaking both of which have something too

ZdravÃ*m vÂechny, předem se omlouvám za mojÃ* počÃ*tačovou angličtinu Mám Samsung UE40D5000 a měl jsem stejný problém s chybou HDMI kalibrace. Přikládám svůj návod včetně přÃ*lohy kalibračnÃ*ho obrazce. Postup je následujÃ*cÃ*, propoj PC s TV přes HDMI kabel do HDMI/DVI vstupu televize. Nastav na PC rozliÂenÃ* obrazovky na 1280x720 pixelů. Zobraz pomocÃ* obrázkového prohlÃ*Âeče mnou uvedený testovacÃ* obrazec v celoobrazovkovém reÂimu (napřÃ*klad: zoner photo studio) Spusť HDMI kalibraci v servisnÃ*m menu TV. Za pár sekund je kalibrace úspeÂná a můÂe v klidu spát jako já Před touto kalibracÃ* doporučuji provést FACTORY RESET v servisnÃ*m menu, aby se barvy upravily zpět na výrobnÃ* nastavenÃ*!
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Put me down for messing things up too. This stems from a LN46A540P2 that I had replaced the main board and then upgraded the firmware to the latest from Samsung. The reason I was in the service menu in the first place was to try and correct what appears to a significant degrade in picture quality. The colors were OK but the compression artifacts and overall fuzziness were awful It was like looking through a screen window. Then I started messing in the service manual and accidentally ran the calibrate on HDMI. I finally got it back using the b&w grid patter. Thanks to all for the help. Now to see if I can restore the PQ.
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I also made the mistake to run the "av calibration" test to get better PQ on my TV. after calibrating with chessboard pattern i was able to get 'success' (with too many effort) but the picture is still dark. also second option in ADC Result (1st_Y_GL) is disabled and cannot be changed. Is there any relation between other menus and options with this that might be changed?

Please help.
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try this image. it worked for my tv. I had to make sure it was blownup fully on my tv.

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hey,this is my first post here.

i screwed up my brand new samsung led tv UA40ES6200.
I calibrated av without knowing what it would do/require.
Although i was able to get "success" by using a checkernboard, the display is still very dark and the colours are way off mad.gif
i have done the calibration several times but the result is the same.
PS i used the same image to calibrate HDMI and the calibration was successful and the colours were normal. but with av i have no luck eek.gif
PPS the power led keeps on blinking when the TV is powered. it never did that before...
any help would be appreciated

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I have a 32" Samsung B651 and I need to re-calibrate ADC values. There is something that I don't understand, because... when you enter Service Menu the tv goes into dynamic/standard mode, and I don't see the point in calibrating under those modes. The SM has this "WB Movie" mode wich you can enable and roll back to ADC calibration, should I do that?

Thanks for your answer.
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Hola mi ingles no es muy bueno pero quiero compartir con ustedes lo del Lattice pattern chess.

yo tengo la tv modelo EH5300 Samsung Smart TV y me pasa lo mismo que a todos el maldito cuadro magenta no se movia por mas imagenes que le pusiera de fondo.
cada vez que hacia el AV CALIBRATION me pasaba lo mismo simplemente el cuadro magenta no se movia.

Mi televisor ya casi no se veia, las imagenes eran totalmente borrosas y aunque tal vez no quedo del todo bien.

Puedo decirles que la imagen mejoro muchisimo y estoy contento por eso asi que quiero compartir con ustedes lo que hice y como logre que la calibracion del AV finalmente dijera SUCCESS.

Entre en modo servicio de la Tv ya saben como es: Mute - 182 - power

-Test Pattern
-Pattern Sel

alli con la flecha derecha del control escogemos el patron que estamos buscando ( el que parece ajedrez blanco y negro)
despues de esto le presionamos el boton del control remoto:

asi llegaremos al principio del menu de servicio y ahora nos dirigimos al menu para realizar la calibracion para esto elegimos lo siguiente que seguramente ya lo han hecho mil veces:

-AV Calibrate

Una vez que hagamos esto nos dara SUCCESS

y la imagen mejorara.

Cuando estemos en el menu PATTERN SELECCION y hayamos elegido el patron de ajedrez una vez que salgamos del menu SVC, NO SE VERA EL PATRON. REPITO NO SERA VISIBLE EL PATRON. pero la prueba sera exitosa es como si el patron estuviera alli pero de forma subyacente.

Saludos y mucha suerte!!!
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I have the same problem as most here: AV Calibration Failure, I've been trying a thousand ways I've found on the web and nothing has worked for me, my model is samsung tv HG32NA477PF, it sounds a little desperate but I've really been looking all everywhere and can not find a way ...

The test pattern is not functioning and no image of the chessboard ...

any other solution other than take it to repair?

Please help: '(
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I have Samsung UE26EH4000. Familiar story... I tampered service menu, activate the AV calibration and everything went to hell.

I did a HDMI calibration without any problems - combined the TV and PC and use simple 720x576 checkerboard (only with them calibration successfully passed).

But, AV calibration constantly failure. I use Panasonic DVD Recorder DMR-EH57 and scart cable/connection. I've tried all the possible checkerboards variants, but all failed. Purple dice make just one jump and stops. After aprox. 30 seconds failure info appear.
On the other hand, I didnt wrote the factory defaults for ADC Target (and 1st_Y_GL is grayed).

Do you have any new advice, suggestion?

Someone mentioned Test pattern in Service menu to be used for calibration. Yes, i have in SM 15 different test patterns. But how to use them? Test pattern gone from screen when i pressed return (have to do to get started AV calibration, right?)

Whether re-insertion of the factory eeprom helps in this situation?

Thanks in advance!
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Hi guys, I really appreciate any help with this.
I own a 55F8000 modeI and I went to the service menu to check the running hours and accidently took me to another menu. When I tried to get back from the "HDMI Calibration" accidently started it and now I get the message "HDMI Calibration: Failure."
Been reading this thread, and Im wondering if this solutions you posted, works with every models.
Does anybody tries the patterns that comes in the service menu ?
Thanks !!
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Originally Posted by e007la View Post

When I tried to get back from the "HDMI Calibration" accidently started it and now I get the message "HDMI Calibration: Failure."

Most likely nothing changed, the message means it tried to update ADC calibration values but couldn't. As long as the picture looks normal you can ignore it.
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I faced the same issue in my samsung sync master T23B350 TV monitor, accidentally resetting to factory settings. I advise any one who buys LED TVs, never to do that, if you are not fully aware what you are doing. This could mess up your TV standard calibration values. 


However, the resolution took me whole day of trial and error.


I used BW-Cubes.jpg, which was copied to a CD, for AV calibration using LG480 DVD player, connecting it to the AV input of the TV monitor. I tried tweaking many values in ADC target settings without success.




1st_AV_Low = 85,

1st_AV_High = 880



above settings gave me successful AV calibration, thanks to avsforum.


One misleading point is that we may think that AV calibration would never success, when the pink box is not jumping, making a failure calibration. Please note that, the pink box will only move when the target settings are correctly in place.




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Tengo el mismo modelo EH5300 en 50 pulgadas. No logro hacer que funcinoe como dices. ¿Me podrías pasar tus valores de ADC_TARGET, ADC_RESULT y WHITE BALANCE para la configuración de AV?


También dime que tienes en SVC y en SVC->TEST_PATTERN.

Creo que ha de haber algo ahí que no me hace la calibración con el patrón como a tí te funcionó. En foto o copiados estaría chido.


Saludos y  Gracias.


PD: Te puedo traducir a inglés el post si quieres.

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Hello all!


First, thank you for all the help provided on this topic. I too make the mistake of doing a calibration on the Service Menu without some proper research first. If you are near panicking like I was, relax for a few minutes, you can Undo what was done ;)

I'm writing this post so that it might be of some help to some of you, like all his topic is already. Sorry if it's a bit messy.


Model: UN32F5500 (32" Led Smart TV)


  • What I did wrong: Went to the Service Menu, executed the AV Calibration. After that, the colors on the RF and AV Channels were all messes up. HDMI and Component channels were OK.
  • What I did while in "panic mode", trying to fix the problem: Done a Factory Reset on the Service Menu. (Don't to it, it will not fix the calibration issue!)
  • What I did to fix the problem:

- By following this Wiki: http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/Calibration ,I downloaded this picture: http://wiki.samygo.tv/index.php5/File:BW-Cubes.png to a USB stick formatted as Fat32.

- I connected my Ps3 to the AV interface of the TV, using the standard cable that came with it.

- Turned to the AV Channel on the TV.

- Opened the picture on the Ps3 with the stock PS3 Image Browser.

- When to the Service Menu and did a AV Calibration, a "Success" message appeared. The images on the AV and RF channels were now normal :D


Now, this wasn't to me so easy as I said just now, I came across some "issues" that I managed to resolve. I think that describing them can help some of you guys that come across them.


  • Problem: Tried to use a JPG image with the Image Browser on the Xbox360 with the standard AV cable. The calibration at first was a success, but the image was still no good.
  • Cause and solution:

- A JPG image might be compressed and by that might loose some quality, even if it's only black and white. The calibration expects a full white (255,255,255) and a full black (0,0,0) on the four spots that the pink square uses while calibrating. If the TV finds different kind if whites/blacks while calibrating, it can finish successfully but it will not be proper calibrated. That said, I recommend using a Hi Quality PNG or a BMP image for the calibration. 

- Some equipments (the Xbox on my case) might transform somehow the image sent to the TV, which can result in bad calibrations. I succeeded with a Pal PS3 but had some issues with my PAL Xbox360. Might have been the cable or some setting on the console. That said, try another type of AV equipment if you are not reaching good results. 


  • Problem: Even with a PNG image on a PS3, the AV calibration failed every time.
  • Cause and solution:

- At some cases, the values used by the TV can be so way off that even the calibration couldn't find the right values. Lucky for me, the answer was on the Wiki. On the option below of the automatic calibration ( "ADC/WB -> ADC Results" ), you can see and modify the values. Somehow, the second value was by now 0, this was making the calibration fail. I just changed it to 150 and after that the calibration was a success! You just need to check the first two values, change them if your calibration keeps failing, change them by about 100 and retry. For reference, I used the values 450 and 150, respectively.


I really hope that this can help someone. Just two quick notes to finish:


I saw on this topic, the user Talachas said (in spanish) that you don't even need an external image to calibrate the TV. That the TV itself is able to display the images needed to calibrate. This is done by the option VC -> Test Pattern -> Pattern Sel. After selecting the Black and White Pattern, it will disappear, don't worry, it's selected as you can see on the menu.

While still on the Service Menu, go to the channel that needs calibration and execute it. I guess that even while it's not showing it remains on the background maybe, and it's used on the calibration.

This really needs some testing and might be totally false. Kudos to Talachas if indeed it works like he says :) 


On my case, it was only the AV that needed calibration. This information can be also used on the other calibrations, you just need to be connected to the proper channel while calibrating. (HDMI, Component or PC)


(sorry for the somewhat sloppy English, it's not my native language)


Regards and best of luck,



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