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30Pw8420 overscan help

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Hi, I use this tv i purchased a year ago specifically for HD gaming, and having made the huge investement of buying both a 360 and PS3 I wont my tv to be running at its best. Im getting geometry issues along with a noticable overscan issue that really bothers me to the point where i may return my PS3 to be able to afford a nice 32+ inch lcd.Im also getting a noticable ghosting and was wondering how I could fix these propblems.
thanks for the help
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I have the same set, also bought almost a year ago. I don't have the problems you describe, except possibly some slight overscan. The best thing I've done to improve picture quality is to calibrate the set with an Avia DVD. Get one of those and you may solve your problems.

Is the ghosting with games or TV reception? If reception, you ought to get a digital tuner. The 8420 has an NTSC tuner (analog), but a digital tuner is required for HD reception. If the problem is with the games, maybe you need to try different inputs. My son uses the side ports with N64 and Gamecube, and there's no ghosting.
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Well I have Philips 30PW9110D model and I hate that overscan! I would say it's about 10% or more! I don't know how to get into the service menu and fix this! Any help?
here's the pic of the overscan
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This will get you in the service menu!
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I have a Philips 50" plasma 50PF7220A37 with a lot of overscan. I found out how to access the Service Alignment Menu but I haven't found the selection to adjust the vert/horz. Can someone tell me where exactly to find these adjustments? I use 062956-"Info" for the SAM.
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