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I actually preferred just playing with the iPod on my Alpine 9825 as opposed to the interface with my Pioneer Premier 880.
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i got my x001 installed today. ill upload pics when i get my post count up. (it says i need 5)
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I have the 9857, and it works great if you keep it on shuffle/mix.

Finding individual artists, albums, etc is a real pain in the ass. It can be done, but it's difficult to do. Alpine's new control designs look a little better, but I have no plans to upgrade.

The downside is that I'm always skipping to the next song, but the upside is that I've got the iPod hidden away in the center console and rarely remove it.
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anybody know if the jvc kd-dv6200 which has a usb on front is compat.with the 30 g video ipod?
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Anybody heard about any new USB ipod interface headunits or accessories out there? I'm sick of my 690UB. It sounds like crap, and I'm already on my second battery in the remote from having to bang the up and down arrows a million times to find a song. I would have switched to the iDA-x001 by now, but the lack of an EQ killed that for me.

I'm thinking about ditching the headunit altogether and just getting an apple ipod dock with the remote and putting that in the dash somewhere where I'll be able to see the ipod screen, and running the output to an Audiocontrol Three.1 or something for x-over, EQ, fade and main volume.
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I'm hoping something shows up at CES. At the very least an improved version of the iDA-X001, the biggest thing being more remote control functionality. I've been fairly happy with mine, it required about $800 worth of Boston Acoustic speakers to get real good sound out of it, but it's overpriced and it lacks a lot of features less expensive decks.
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Looks like Alpine has 2 new iPod models coming next spring. The remote pictured next to the eX10 device looks interesting. Looks like Caller ID being added to the Bluetooth phone system, that's something I've hated about my Moto/iDA-X100, might be just my phone though.

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Nice. I'm still toying with the idea of just running an apple ipod dock into a 1/2 DIN EQ/line driver. I just have to figure out how to mount the dock in the dash. I like that they turned the big search button into an enter button, and I really like that they stuck imprint into it. Bass and Treble just doesn't cut it for a $400 head unit. The marine version on the last page is awesome too. I have a feeling that's going to end up in my buddy's 28 Pantera.
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Yes, I'll probably be getting one of the new units as well, the improvements look promising.

Kind of makes me wish I hadn't decided to blow off CES this year.
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So, does anyone know when the new Alpine iPod units will hit the market? I think it was around April last year, maybe the same this year?
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They decided again to go with 2v pre-amp outputs. Everything seemed perfect about this except that. Even my 2 year old pioneer headunit has 4v out. I'm a very serious audiophile who spends a lot of time in the car. I have all my albums in a lossless codec. Right now I'm just getting analog signal from the ipod dock, but with the X100 I can go straight digital (gen 5 and up), thats a plus

How badly is my audio going to be compromised by going from 4v to 2v> I also REALLY like Pioneer's Auto EQ and Auto time align feature. My unit has a 13 band EQ that gets autotuned to my interior soundspace. There's Imprint, but you cant get any of that without also purchasing the PXA-H100, which is supposedly $150, and is permanently attached to your headunit, so you're going to need the space for that to.

The X100 only outputs 18w continuous as well, but I don't think this makes much of a difference to those of us who are using external amplifiers already. Although Alpine claims to offer :

Need a power boost? Add the KTP-445 Head Unit Power Pack! It delivers a true 45W x 4 RMS power and is compact enough to install behind the iDA-X100. It plugs right inline with the iDA-X100's wiring harness so you don’t even need additional wires.

If I could get the X100 interface, display, w/ Pioneer's 13 band auto EQ and time alignment already built in. It would be perfect. I was excited about it at first, now the more I find out about it, I'm still going to be searching for the best solution.
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The 2V pre-out bothered me when I purchased the first IDAX unit last year, but with careful adjustment of the input sensitivity on the amps I don't really notice any lack of dynamic range. I did upgrade amps and speakers though, went from some mid-market MB Quarts to next to the top Boston Acoustics with a separately mounted tweeter, and from a pair of Pioneer amps to the Alpine PDX series, a 4x150 and a 1x600. The amps and speakers work well together.

The DSP solutions in the Pioneer units are nice, as let's face it, the interior of a car is a horrible place to get the best, cleanest audio and compromises are a fact of life. I would like to see a bit more configuration possibilities with the IDAX units.
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OH yah, it doesn't have a disc player. I still use those too sometimes. You'll need the changer add on for that as well.
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Yes, for an MSRP of $400 it should have had a CD player as well.
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