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Joytech 240c + 480p signal = TERRIBLE

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i just purchased a joytech control center 240c, and it seems that everything i throw at it in 480p comes out distorted.

my nintendo wii, dvd player, playstation 2 and gamecube all have distortion near the top of the screen.

the xbox 360 works fine in 1080i, but watch a dvd movie and there's the distortion.

it seems this is a common problem, but i need to know if i should bother trying another one to see if it has the same problem... or just cut my losses now.

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i just went and picked up another unit, brand new from best buy (the first one was from ebay). the new one is no different. I get bad distortion on the top 1/4 of the screen, worst on the wii menu.

here are some more people that have the same problem:


I hooked up the Wii to the 240c via the component cables and had about the same quality as the Xbox and PS2 in game (so no real distortion problems). However, I have noticed in the Wii channels that the screen does become badly distorted. This only occurs when the Wii is hooked up via the 240c and does not occur when it is directly hooked up to the projector. I am not sure what I am going to do yet, but, it works for games so far which is ok with me.


my wii suffers the same mate, any screen with a lot of white on it, ie the main wii menu, the screen with the strap warning etc. When it gets darker it calms down. When it's playing up it's like the screen is tearing away drom the edges. Plugging straight into the TV there's no problem.
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here are some examples:

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Yes! I have this exact same problem. I just bought another one off eBay, but it looks like I'll probably have the same issue with that one.

It is important to note that it's NOT just the Wii that causes this. I have the same issue with my PS2 whenever I experience an all-white screen (admittedly less often because it doesn't have the same menus, but it's definitely there).

Anyone have any experience with the 245C, whether it suffers from this same problem? Or better yet, anyone know of a unit from another company that duplicates the Joytech's functionality? There are a few other options, but none I've found that have as many inputs.
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i can confirm that it does the same thing when i play guitar hero on the PS2 in 480p mode.

i also really need 6 component inputs, and i can't find any other alternatives

can you believe that best buy charges $139.99 for these things???
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i also noticed that the one i bought from best buy had a sticker on the bottom that said v2.0

the one from ebay did not.

so we can rule out that they fixed this problem in a new version...
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I also have problems with my 245C and sent it back (but I guess I won't get a working model, dammit!).
Read the info on: http://ntsc-uk.domino.org/showthread.php?t=68941

I have experienced it with a Wii, PS2 and DVD-player.
Notably I never had problems with Guitar Hero II...

This sux!
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