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My new project

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4 Resonant Engineering 15 SXs. Hopefully will be upgrading my power soon, would like to go with 4 - 5k watts. I whipped this up in a couple nights. Still have to seal it off from the front and add more bracing, but it's coming along nicely so far. My other pair of SXs arrive today. This is for daily driving, I'm tuned around 30hz.

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Threw them in today and man it's just disgusting LOUD...

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Where the hell do you drive to? You will get a concussion with those in your car. Good luck man, you will need it.
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That is so bad ass!!
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So did you meter it??
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Yeah, I'd like to know the SPL those subs put out.
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Wow, this thread is still alive. Probably won't be on a Termlab meter tell June, when there is a USACi comp near me. I've had loud setups before and have sat in vehicles that could do a legal 150 dbs on the dash. Not sure where I'm at. With music I'm guessing maybe high 140s. Probably could do in the low 150s with a straight test tone.

I'm only using an Orion 2500d on them right now. Looking to get maybe a Memphis Mojo 4kw amp. Gotta add another 3 or 4 batteries if I do that though. It's definitely loud and puts some pressure on you, that's for sure.

I'm going to try and post a video, maybe sometime this weekend. I'll put a link on here if I get one up.
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Here's a pic from my recent rebuild with it completely walled off.

Sounds awesome and gets decently loud (for me). Box is 15 cubes, 35hz tune, 200" of port. Need more power though!
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Wow, you want to shake the next time zone?!
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Should break 150 pretty easy. I've gotten 149.1 with one 12.
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Been awhile since I've been on the forum, used to be everyday reading the blu-ray and hd-dvd forums... but thought I'd throw this small update for anyone interested:

Finally got some decent power in. Memphis Mojo 4kw amp. Haven't been on a meter yet, car audio is DEAD in north dakota. This thing moves a ton of air though! Just need to do one or two more sets of components in my doors.
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