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Need advice

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I am building a house that has a room I'm going to use for my home theater room and nothing else. The dimensions are 14' 4" X 13' 7". The 13' 7" wall will only be a 5 ft. wall because the ceiling slopes (I know this is way less than ideal especially compared to some of your setups).

My question is on lighting, are sconce's out of the question because I could only put them on one side wall? Also, I will do an LCD setup vs. a projector so would anyone recommend recessed lighting or is that primarily used in front of projector screens? Any input would be appreciated.

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Sconces out of the question from what standpoint? Aesthetics? That's up to you. It's certainly possible though.

Since an LCD is brighter, recessed lighting would actually be more useful in that setup since you could make use of more lighting in typical scenarios. I'm curious why you'd go with LCD with a totally dedicated room where you can control light?
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Yeah I just wanted an opinion on aesthetics for the sconce's. Basically do you think it would look bad having sconce's on just one wall? I was thinking LCD because I thought they were less expensive than a projector.
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In that situation, I'm not sure what I'd do.. My wife would care more than me - I'm a function over form kind of guy..

You can get a 480p DLP projector for about $500 (I have one as a 2nd PJ) and it works very well, on a 76" screen that I got free with it, from about 9' back (I could be closer). For $1500 you can get an LCD-based HDTV projector, which will look phenomenal and be approximately 10x bigger than any LCD TV at that price. The biggest downside is that they need to be in a dark room, but that's very common in a cinematic experience anyway. You wouldn't be disappointed with a PJ, trust me.
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