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The Covenant - DVD

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Forgive me, as I'm more of a lurker here than an active participant. But this movie has inspired, no forced me to start a thread about it since noone else has. But first I have to get some background out of the way. I am a huge fan of Fantasy and a huge nerd that reads all sorts of books from this genre, so I was pedisposed towards this movie. I also saw the previews for this last year and told the weef that this was one we HAD to see in theatres (we watch between 0-2 in theatres a year, usually zero) and she agreed it looked interesting especially the fact that it was "by the makers of Underworld, which we both enjoyed. They were hyping the heck out of it for 3-4 months before its release so it looked to be a blockbuster. We were busy the day it came out , so were going to wait a week or two, but then we never heard about it again. We remembered 3 weeks later, but it was already out of theaters by us. So that was when I knew it was terrible. However it came out on DVD yesterday and I still had to have it. So here goes.

Even going in knowing it was going to be horrible, I was still disapointed. More often than not expecting something to be truly terrible has always caused me to enjoy it, "Into the Blue" for example is one of the better movie experiences I have had, because I thought it would be one of the worst of all time, with only Ms. Alba going for it, and it turned out to be only pretty bad (still haven't had the courage to rewatch it though, and I have owned it probably 6 months). The Covenant was just that bad though. For a large chunk of the time it felt like I was watching a middle school book report made into a movie. They made no secret it was based on a book (at least I hope so because that was definately the impression I got) but they tried to explain everything too much, so instead of watching and figuring out what is going on, it felt like the lead actor was explaining directly to the audience instead of talking to the other actors on screen. The lead actor was another big complaint, he struggled with the script and at times overpronounced words so that the explanation he was giving was understandable. That is about the best way I can describe it, it was like watching a random guy pulled on stage to givea technical explanation of some brand new invention, he didn't look famailiar with the words and looked/sounded like he was trying to pronounce them the way someone else did without realizing the other guy had a different accent than him. It was bad.

The worst part about it though, was like Star Wars episodes 1-3 there was actually potential there. The story was good, not the script but the story they were trying to tell (at least for a popcorn flick, it still wouldn't have won any acadamy awards) The sound was pretty decent throughout, except for some music selections I didn't particularly care for. The special effects were for the most part good, except they started to look a little cheesy in the final battle. And to make it even more obvious that they were aiming at brainless teens they even found a way to get several hot girls into their lingerie/underwear as well as fitting in a prom dress, and scantily clad sloots at several parties.

Definately a rental for anyone who thought they might buy it. And skip it altogether if you didn't already think it was something you wanted.
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As for the transfer, I thought the PQ and SQ were excellent. The inky blacks, excellent contrast and colors made it a good disc to show off the HT. It's one of those disks that makes you wonder why you need hi def (if they could all be that good).

While the chicks were hot, the director seemed to be more interested in the buff male leads putting them on the swim team and in low slung speedos - featuring their muscles and six packs whenever possible. I guess file under something for everyone.

I didn't get to see the end, but enjoyed the plot, action and effects (hey maybe I NEED someone to explain stuff to me). My 11 yo kids are hard to please horror buffs and really seemed to be digging this one. Be warned though, its a fairly hard PG-13.
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Oops (big time). I just noticed that rotten tomatoes gave this one a lower rating than Gigli. Maybe I should have seen the whole thing before I raved about it. Oh well, at least I can tell that PQ and SQ are top drawer based on what I've seen.
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What to say about this..the formula they use normally works better with woman in the lead then males. Movie had potential but the director lost control of it. Nice cheesy rental. Good PQ and SQ just the story could have been better.
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We saw this a couple of weeks ago. I checked AVS for a thread, but couldn't find one and it wasn't worth the trouble to start one.

Pretty bad movie. Lots of potential as a kind of cross between Lost Boys and The Craft...but no where near as good as either.
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Originally Posted by Wytchone View Post

What to say about this..the formula they use normally works better with woman in the lead then males. Movie had potential but the director lost control of it. Nice cheesy rental. Good PQ and SQ just the story could have been better.

Exactly! (The Craft was slightly better done)

Very cheesy, but considering the good PQ and SQ, if you like these kind of movies than this one is acceptable. Certainly better than Gigli!!

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I just saw this last night before I watched the Sopranos. I was glad it was a good Sopranos episode so I could wash my brain of this dreck. I almost want to send this back to Net Flix with a complaint that is is unwatchable not due to a defective disk, but you would require a labodamy to enjoy this. Funny some are likening this to "The Craft" because that was actually a good movie, but this looked to me more like Highlander without the sword fights. The whole ascending thing looked strangely like the quickening and how you die if you will your powers away was pretty close too. If anyone thinks I just gave away the plot, I would say to that, there needs to be one in the first place to give one away.
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