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Bands on green tube NEC XG85 picture included

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I have noticed several bands on the green tube only on my NEX XG85 projector. I am the original owner of this unit (about 6-7 years now). I'm guessing it is phosphor burn-in from watching mostly letterboxed content on the native 4:3 tubes. What is odd, though, is that there is no discernable banding on the red or blue tubes. Also, the bands don't really correspond (I think) to where letterboxes go when I view movies.

I am attaching a picture I took with only the green tube on. It isn't a very good picture, but you can see the bands along the top.

Can anybody identify what this is?

This is the first time I have tried to include an image in a post, so if this doesn't work here is a link to it on my webserver:
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Yes that looks like wear on the tube.

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Have you moved the projector or changed the screen size?
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Pretty good for 6-7 years. The green will wear faster then red and blue. Start looking for a green tube in about 3 years Doug
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Now that you mention it, I did move the projector. We moved into a new house about a year ago, and the new screen is a bit larger than the old one. So maybe the burnin is from the way I had it set up before. I also had the projector sitting unused for about a year, but I don't think that would have done anything bad.

I only see the bands when I watch 4:3 material, but when I do it is pretty annoying. So I may just have to replace the green gun now.
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Or you could make your screen smaller.

Or you could move the projector further away, and the image smaller and make your 4:3 image fit in the wear area. But you will wear your blue and red as well, eventually.

Edit: Didn't make no sense...
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You can get bands like that from running too much point convergence, but they are more defined most of the time. You might normalize the point convergence and see if the bands go away. If not it could be tube wear. How many hours are on the tubes?

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