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DIY electric window coverings?

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Not sure where to post this, but the concept is very similar to a screen.

I've thought of making electric window coverings. Does anyone have any experience building these (or a screen) on a budget, and if so, how much did it cost you?

Also considering getting some monoprice electric screens and replacing the material with BOC- any idea if this would work? Not concerned about waves that much- if it blocks out light, I'm happy
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Here are a couple of options I listed many times but there was never any interest...

First is a remote controlled window shade system starting at $159.

The second is much more appealing because it will work with any drape traverse rod setup. Put up BOC as actual drapes to block the light, and add one of these motorized drape systems for $89 and you have a nice, yet inexpensive remote drape system that should up the coolness factor quite a bit. Get a learning remote that does macros and with one button click you should be able to turn on the projector, receiver, DVD player, and close the drapes at the same time... now that would be really cool.

Personally, I was looking into the first solution for a retractable art print system to cover my screen when it's not in use, but I will probably go with one of the Monoprice screens for this since they are cheaper and built more rugged. The second option though is something I am looking at for my big bay window to block that light source...
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exactly the kind of thing I am looking for! I have no devotion to DIY- I just want something inexpensive! (relatively speaking...)

Any other recommendations anyone?
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