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HC Damat w/ In72?

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Would an Da-lite HC Damat screen be to dark for an Infocus IN72 projector (900 lumens, 750 econo)?

screen size 72" (16:9) with a throw distance of 11.1' and a seating distance of 10' (1.9x screen width).

ProjectionCentral calculator gives an image brightness of 29fL using .8 gain for the HC Damat and using econo mode.

From what I've read image brightness should be between 12-20fL but I remember reading in some thread here that after calibration and more realistic lumen outputs one should shoot for double that range. So my 29fL when all said and done will really be more like 15fL, which would seem ideal.

Guess the thought of going with a negative gain screen has me worried given how much I read about HP screens, but given my screen size and lumen output I'd rather use a darker screen and get more contrast than use a lens filter.

thanks in advance.
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bump, ok anyone use a high contrast (HC) damat screen at all? was it too dark?
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bumpity, last one.

so no one has ever used a da-lite high contrast damat screen?
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I use a 77" (16:9) hi contrast da-mat screen with my Optoma H31 at about 11 feet throw distance. When I bought it from a guy on eBay I wasn't sure if the fabric would work in my situation but the price was so low that even if I had to buy different fabric it would still be a good deal. Anyway, I'm still using the HC DaMat and it is not too dark. It looks pretty good to me (but it is the only real screen fabric I have ever seen). There is a little hotspotting and some "sparkles" but they're not distracting during movies. The screen is 3 yrs old now and I don't know if a new HC damat would be the same as mine, so I can't guarantee anything.

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Thanks for the response and not leaving me hanging.

You mention "sparkles" but I thought sparklies are used to provide gain and the HC da-mat screens are 0.8 gain. Also the description for it says smooth gray screen which is what I'm looking for.

Maybe you have a HC Cinema Vision? I've read those have sparklies and has a gain of 1.1.
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I double-checked the documentation and it is a HC DaMat, but it is 3 years old and the new ones might be different. You could contact Da-Lite to find out.
I was surprised by the sparkles, too. The screen looks smooth when the projector is off and the room lights are on, even from very close. But there is definitely a sparkly texture in and around the slightly "hot" spot when that part of the image is bright. My old homemade blackout cloth screen had no visible texture, but I get better blacks with the HC DaMat. Overall, I prefer the HC DaMat.
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Thanks a lot for checking. Was set on HC DaMat but now I know it has some sparkles.

Want a smooth gray screen which I thought HCDM was. So know it looks like either a Da-lite HC Matte White w/gain of 1.1 or a Draper HC gray w/gain of 0.8.

I think the final choice will depend on the size of screen I go with, 72" go with the Draper. If I can go 80" without too much SDE then I'll probably go with the Da-lite.

Thanks again.
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