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All saved data from Fight Night 3 GONE!!

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Last night I went to load my saved profile and data from Fight Night 3 and bam....

"No data Found"...!!!!

Has anyone else experienced lost data from a game and more importantly since its on the drive is there anyway to recover it....I had even beaten Ali and Frazier

Any input or assistance is appreciated...I already tried rebooting the system etc..

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Actually just put in another game..Tiger Woods 07...same thing ....

"No Data Found"..

All the games load fine but no profiles...all settings for the system load fine though so not sure the HDD is doa...

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Lost data or corrupted data does the file say or is there no file at all?
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Both games say "No Data Found" when trying to load profile...

Everything else as far as I can tell works fine...

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Ask your little brother if he was playing with your PS3 the night before. If not, ask your mom or dad.
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Thanks for your "input"...little older than that my friend...

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Is it possible you were logged into a different profile? I have 3 profiles on my PS3 (one each for the JP and HK stores) and accidentally logged into one of these and tried to continue a game and nada. Once i switched to my main profile they reappeared. Just check your saved games folder under your profile, the game saves should be in there and display with icons and information.
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Thanks for the assistance..!!! I'll try that this afternoon..

I only have one profile so I figured it defaulted automatically but who knows...

It would make sense since all of the game data was lost.....

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I hope you can find/get your game save back. I know we shouldn't have to do this but, I have an extra memory card in my ps3 and every few days I back up my game save on it.
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Hmm I just lost all my FF XII saved game data also. FF XII doesn't recognize the virtual memory card anymore (although the ps3 seems to think it's fine) and now says it has 7999/7998kb free, somehow it has more free than it's total capacity...

If you find a way to get your data back, or if anyone has seen someway of recovering virtual memory cards it would be nice to know.
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I wanted to install Yellow Dog Linux last night. I backed up my data before i began. After my YDL Project failed (corrupt disc), I performed a restore. Nothing was there. All my game saves are nowhere to be found.

Is there a separate way to backup game saves? I was under the impression that when you backup your system, it includes your game saves as well.

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My Resistance saves were corrupted twice and apparently it's a common problem with that game. Everyone seemed to blame it on the game itself, but it sounds like this is something that happens with other games as well, so maybe this console has some hard drive or system problems. Between this problem and the controller wigging out for 4-5 seconds at a time(usually 5 laps into a race on F1), I don't feel like buying anymore games until this stuff is fixed.
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^^ Have any of you tried creating a second user or multiple users profiles?

If you do you then simply save your game data to the other user(s) after you finish each game.

It is simple, works and backs up your game data.

I am resposting this from another thread that details how to do it.

I have had the same issue and so have others. It seems to happen if you hit the PS button and then select "Quit the game" while it is loading up.

Sorry to hear you lost your file again. Now for the good news after the bad news. If you would have simply created another user name on your PS3 you could have saved the "saved data utility" file to the other user name. You then have a backup copy of your Resistance game. What you have to do is create a new user name. When you finish each session of Resistance, you go to the "saved data utility" file for Resistance under your primary user name. Hit Triangle on your PS3 controller and it brings up three options, copy delete, and information. It then allows you to copy it to another user name and does so very quickly. Careful, remember delete is an option too and things happen fast.

One thing important to remember. If you already have a saved utility data file under your other user name, you will have to delete it each time prior to copying from your primary user name, because you will get a message saying:

"The data cannot be saved. There is saved data with the same name at the save destination."

Be careful don't delete both by accident.

You can also set up multiple user names for multiple back ups.
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