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Harmon Kardon AVR 235

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For the holidays I received a HK HTIB, including the above receiver. It lists on the box that it is a 7.1 receiver, but I'm wondering how to get the full 7.1 capability out of it. I currently have a Samsung upconverting DVD player, a 360, SA 8300 cable box, and Mits 57831.

Initially I had everything connected to the TV via analog audio, save the DVD player which was connected via HDMI. I then connected the TV via analog audio outputs to the receiver. Unfortunately, on the receiver, this method did not appear to send information to each speaker individually. Sound did come out of all speakers...but it didn't seem like the receiver was recognizing 7 channels of audio.

Then I tried connecting the TV to the receiver using the provided coaxial digital cable, but I ran into the same situation. Even using the DVD player, which is connected via HDMI, I couldn't get all the spekars to light up on the receiver. When I set the DVD audio output to bitrate I would get no sound at all, and the screen would state that HDMI audio is not supported.

I am vaguely aware of the fact that an optical audio capable only would support up to 5.1 sound. My question is, since the receiver does not have an HDMI input, how do I achieve full 7.1 sound? Is my television not appropriately passing digital audio through? Should I connect each device directly to the receiver? Is 7.1 sound possible through analog connections with this receiver?

Thanks in advance for any help! As you can probably tell I'm really lost.
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7.1 output is derived from the 5.1-channel source using Dolby Pro Logic IIx processing in the receiver. I would recommend you connect the DVD player to the TV via HDMI or Component and digital coaxial or optical from the DVD to the receiver.
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Thanks. Do I need to use digital connections for my receiver to recognize that there is more than just a left and right signal coming through?
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I don't really understand your question but I'll try. You have to use either Digital Coaxial or Optical Toslink to get the 5.1 channel source from the DVD Player and STB. Don't run the audio through the TV instead route the audio directly to the receiver. The reason I say this is because typically 5.1 channel source via HDMI to the TV will be downmixed to 2.0 when it is output from the TV to the recevier.
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I think I finally have it. If I'm running analog it's going to be 2.0. If I run digital through the TV it gets downmixed to 2.0. The only way to get 5.1 is through an optical or coaxial connection. The only way to get true 7.1 is if you have HDMI directly into the receiver. Otherwise the 5.1 gets decoded by the receiver and "upmixed" to 7.1.
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