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I picked up the Sharp Aquos LC-40D32U at Costco last week and hung it on the wall in the family room last weekend. I'm thinking about bringing it back in and getting a 37", at least in part because the 37" Aquos has 2 component inputs and this 32" only has one (each of them have 2 HDMI).

One problem I ran into was when my boys wanted to plug in their Gamecube (they move it from room to room), there were no free inputs for them to use.

Another thing I noticed was a Sony 32" XBR that had a headphone jack on the side. That would be really nice for when I'm watching something that others in the family might not want to hear in adjacent rooms. Unfortunately, the Sony had even fewer inputs, so that's a no-go.

Are there any LCD TVs in the 32" to 42" (plasma would be acceptable) range that have more inputs (at least 2 HDMI and 2 component) and a headphone jack? Even nicer would be front jacks for the kids' Gamecube (or whatever comes next - LOL).