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Star Trek now, or wait for Lost Planet?

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Got a BEST BUY card from my folks for Christmas, and was planning to buy Star Trek Legacy... Does anyone know when Lost Planet is scheduled for release? All xbox.com says is: TBD. I would wait a couple weeks if it is coming soon, but I would like to get Legacy as well.
All Legacy players please chime in. I know you FPS and TPS guys will say Lost Planet. And I'm having a blast on Gears. But the Trekkie in me would like a good strategic challenge.
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Lost Planet: 1/12/07 (or 12/1/07...in European speak)
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I like Star Trek but I am no Trekkie so my opinion is skewed when I say there is no way that I would pick Legacy over Lost Planet .

-------- Jason
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Lost Planet is awesome, I'd hold out for it. I played the demo at Comicon and downloaded both demos on Live. Its going to be awesome!

On a side note, wheres the best place to pre-order if at all?

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I'm a bit of a trekkie so I'm going to say .....wait for lost planet.

Honestly, it looks like it's going to rock. And how many trek games are actually good anyways?
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These guys seem to like Lost Planet.
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Trek Legacy isn't that great. If you're a trekkie you'll LOVE it, otherwise you're probably better off waiting for Lost Planet.
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Until there's a MMORPG star trek game, take the alternative. Lost Planet is good fun from what I've played. Plus, I have a deep hatred for aliens in video games. They think their technology is going to protect them from 12 gauge shotguns and it never does! Cosmic idiots if you ask me...
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Lost Planet just doesn't grab me (and I don't need another shooter, even a good one), so I'm sticking with Legacy. At least it has the virtue of being different and has nerd appeal.
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Yea, I don't get all the Lost Planet hype. It did not seem like anything special to me.
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I liked Legacy OK enough, I suppose, but if I had to do it over again, I'd go with a rental instead of a purchase. There's no mid-mission save (or even fracking checkpoints!) and as far as I can tell no way to go back and re-play any of the missions without starting the whole $!@#ing campaign over. Also, you never actually get to play as Sisko ... and you don't get to use Picard or Janeway nearly enough.
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