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SACD help on Denon 1930ci

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after an hour and a half on the phone with Denon CS we finally said the disc was bad but I don't buy it since it sounded like it was her first day on the job. I have RCA cables hooked up and the display says sacd bit I'm only getting sound from the left and right fronts. can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong. the disc is Norah Jones SACD.
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If the disc is multichannel and you have the 5.1 Denon DVD outputs going into multichannel inputs on your receiver via 3 pairs of analog cables then there must be an issue with the player. Perhaps on the setup menu there is an option on how to handle SACD multichannel discs. If there is no such option or you cant find anything about this in the manual then try a different unit and or take your disc to a store and see it it registers as multichanel.
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If the disc is playing, it probably isn't the disc. There is a set up menu in denons that will show your priority for super audio cd. Some of the "hybrid cds" will have 2 channel cd, 2 channel hi rez (sacd), and multi channel hi rez (sacd). It sounds like your player is set to use 2 channel (whichever one I don't know) as the priority. Does the remote control have a button that simply says "Super Audio CD Set Up". If so, cycle through it until it says Multi Channel. If there isn't, go through the set up menus on the denon and find out where those choices are. Good Luck
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I scrolled thru and had it set up on multi channel, hmmm. Could the disc be bad? Its a hybrid SACD and says 5.1 sacd on the back
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There is also a "SUPER AUDIO CD SETUP" button on factory remote, near the bottom. Pressing it repeatedly toggles between "MULTI-CH AREA" (for SACD multi-channel layer), "CD AREA" (for CD-DA layer) and "2-CH AREA" (for SACD stereo layer). It's very possible that the player is defaulting on the CD layer of the disc.

Just a thought.
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Denons are notoriously difficult and tricky to set up when it comes to sacd. Since you are getting something out of the disc sound wise, I tend to not think the problem is with the disc.
Start from scratch.
1. Make sure that the connections are going from multichannel out on the player to multi channel in on your receiver. (These are all the way on the other side of the player on the back panel so I'm sure this is probably right.)
2. Make sure that the receiver is set to multi channel input.
3. Go into the denon set up menu and make sure that hdmi audio out is set to 2 channel. (This sounds weird I know but this is the way it is on my 2910). This allows you to listen to the multi channel track. The menu may be slightly different on yours). This step may not make a difference- see step 5.
4. Make sure that your sacd set up shows multi channel as the priority.
5. Looking at your manual, it shows that there is a step called "Audio Mode" in the audio set up menu. Set that to Analog. Then select "multi channel" in the analog audio portion on the same menu.

After that, this should be working. If not, then I would consider taking back the disc.
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OK, I get home to try it again before I take it apart to Best Buy Magnolia for them to try it there. I do the exact same thing, nothing different, and IT WORKS. Talk about frustration and relief. Thanks for all your help. BTW, SACD is awesome! Please release more titles!!!!
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