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Did the whole thing: phone, Internet, and TV. We had AT&T phone anyway, so that didn't really factor into it. My biggest hesitation was the potential hassle in switching email addresses, which obviously would come with switching ISPs. But they've been hammering our area with promos and special rates on Uverse packages (all three) and in this case it was more channels, including more premium channels (Showtime, Starz, and a few others) that we didn't have with Comcast, plus more HD channels overall, for a lower price. I called Comcast and told them flat out that they had to do something if they wanted to keep me, and the best they could do is match the price and throw in Showtime to partly even things up, but I was still looking at fewer premium channels, fewer HD channels, and fewer channels overall, for the same money. AT&T was offerring free installation and 30-day money-back guarantee. Literally, any time in 30 days, I could call them and tell them to take it all away and I would owe them nothing if I didn't like it. So it was a no-brainer.

Oh yeah, the hard drive on their box is huge compared to our Comcast box. AT&T's is 350Gb, versus 120Gb with Comcast. I don't know what Comcast's biggest box is, but I don't think they go up to 350Gb in our area. So if the audio is even comparable (which I'll find out this week), I see no reason to switch back. I haven't cancelled Comcast yet, while I get all the new email up and running, and notify everyone of our new email addresses, but I have the feeling I'll be calling them in a few weeks to come get their box.
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Dumped Comcast for HDTV last spring. I couldn't be happier with U-Verse over Comcast. But Comcast had totally ignored the problems in my area for far too long. Literally 7 years! So I shook the dust off my feet when I dropped my Comcast box off and never looked back again. Others may have had better service with Comcast but NOT here in Chicago Ridge IL There was actually a line at the Comcast office I dropped my box off at. They were all disgruntled customers who were throwing Comcast out with the trash and moving to U-Verse as it became available in our areas.

I already had AT&T DSL then went to U-Verse for that, HDTV, but kept my old land line just with a newer rate package. My home phone "has to" work even with extended power outages.

Ended up with quite a few more HD channels plus some SD including Stars and Showtime which I did not have with Comcast and with the upgraded internet speeds its only $10 more a month. The PQ is phenomenal compared to the "less than" SD quality I got while paying for HD from Comcast. Other than a complete waste of time and money to Comcast for far too many years?

You know how they say that if you can't say anything good don't say anything at all?

Comcast . . . . .

'Nuff said,

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I moved the digital optical line from the old Comcast Motorola box to the Uverse box, and after finding the setting in the Options menu where I had to switch from Stereo to Surround, I was digging 5.1 sound on HD channels via my Sony receiver.

One minor gripe (actually it's more medium-sized): Even though you can program the AT&T remote to control your receiver via the Aux mode, the Volume control seems to always talk to the TV only. Press Volume Up or Down, or Mute, and it doesn't matter if you've pressed Aux first, it will adjust the volume on the TV, or mute it. The little TV button even lights up as you press the buttons to let you know that this is happening.

IMO, that's pretty stupid. I like being able to turn the receiver on or off via the remote if we're watching a movie and want to go with surround sound, but it almost pointless if I still have to grab the Sony remote to control the volume or mute it. With the Comcast remote, you could at least Mute the box itself and it wouldn't even send audio to the receiver in the first place. The Uverse box doesn't seem to have its own volume, so there's nothing to mute, and volume controls are therefore "locked" to the TV.

I went through all the options I could find in the Help menus and online, and could not find a solution. Does anyone know if it's possible to actually control the volume of your receiver via the standard Uverse remote control?
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Have you checked out the U-Verse forums? They may have an answer for you on the remote issue.
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Thanks! No, I wasn't aware of them.
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I live in Oak Forest, IL and how is Uverse these days?

I had a salesman come to my house last night and offered a sweet deal which would save me about $50-$65 a month over Comcast. I'm having them install on Monday and the first 30 days is free of charge.

With the deal, I get 1 DVR and 2 receivers, the U200 HD package, 18mb internet, and unlimited phone for $137 total a month for a year.

Does Uverse have any caps on downloads?
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Originally Posted by CaptainZombie View Post

Does Uverse have any caps on downloads?

Don't know if it's been changed or not, but ATT UVerse Internet had a 250GB cap while ATT DSL Internet had a 150GB cap.

I hate caps.
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Originally Posted by rec630 View Post

Don't know if it's been changed or not, but ATT UVerse Internet had a 250GB cap while ATT DSL Internet had a 150GB cap.

I hate caps.

How has their service been?

I can't get a clear cut answer from anyone at AT&T how far I am from the VRAD.
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Originally Posted by CaptainZombie View Post

How has their service been?

I can't get a clear cut answer from anyone at AT&T how far I am from the VRAD.

Can't tell you about service as I don't have them...yet...Comcast seems to be doing it's best to push me to another provider though!!!

When they first came into my area it was reported as inconsistent but I hear it's gotten better. I haven't taken a look at the 3 or 4 UVerse forums lately I was using to check them out.

As for your question, perhaps try the ATT direct support forum at BBR/DSLR
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What's this channel called Touchvision on channel 49 ?
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See their site at http://www.touchvisiontv.com (not that it's very informative).  It's also carried OTA in Chicago by Weigel on 48.2.
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