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New $1200 MSRP Rotel Scaler

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this is a copy from the press release. If anyone has any info about this please let us all know, as this is a new price point for scalers it can provide better competition in the lower end of the spectrum.


North Reading, MAJanuary 2007Rotel, well-known throughout the world as an affordable high-end manufacturer of components for music and home-theater audio-video systems, has introduced the RVE-1060, 1080i video scaler, which seamlessly brings together analog and digital video sources.

Devices such as VCRs, cable-TV set-top boxes, and DVD players can all be routed simultaneously alongside digital video sources such as off-air high-definition signals, HDMI set-top boxes, and DVI adaptable devices, says Michael Bartlett, Vice President and General Manager of Rotel America.

Analog video can be fed into the RVE-1060 and then output to a high-definition display. The RVE-1060's scaling functions are so advanced that it will calculate the appropriate resolution for a specific display device. Whether it's 1080i or 720p, your high-definition television will be maximized for optimum performance.

The RVE-1060 provides users who already own Rotel surround preamplifiers or receivers with an excellent HDMI video upgrade path. There's no need to replace current AV processors or receiversjust insert the RVE-1060, which will then handle all video scaling and switching to let you immediately enjoy the benefits of digital video. Simply plug in a video source and leave the audio connections in the receiver or processor. Automatic video switching is communicated through the RS-232 connections on both the RVE-1060 and the surround processor, making operation invisible to the user. Any of the RVE-1060's video inputs can be assigned to match the source inputs of the audio processor, thereby simplifying and expanding the system's future capabilities. Of course, the RVE-1060 can also be used with other manufacturers A/V processors and receivers. However, it is necessary to switch the RVE-1060's video input and the other brand's processor or receiver's audio input together. This function can be integrated into a macro command on a learning remote control, or via RS-232 commands.

The RVE-1060 is designed to convert the signal from any analog source to a higher digital format, combine it with any onscreen display (OSD) information from the source, and output them to virtually any screen. The RVE-1060 also provides for an analog screen to be connected with simultaneous viewing output.

Why do we need scaling?
In the analog world, all TVs and video sources matched perfectly because there was only one picture ratio, 1.33:1 (aka 4:3), and only two possible number of lines of vertical resolution (480 in the US, 576 in Europe). With digital video, this is no longer the case. Digital sources present several different formats, and the RVE-1060 is designed to work with all of them.

Simple integrationflawless performance
When first connecting the primary display device to the RVE-1060 using the HDMI output, the scaler's automatic communication will independently discover the maximum the display's maximum native resolution and set itself to consistently output that resolution to that display. Once the RVE-1060 has been set to match the screen's native resolution, it will then always scale the source information up or down to fit the screen's maximum resolution up to 1080i.

To reiterate this key point: When used with a screen that has a maximum native resolution of 720p, the RVE-1060 will scale up all inputs to 720p. However, should there be a source with a resolution lower than 720p, the RVE-1060 will scale that image down without picture loss.

The RVE-1060 has two HDMI inputs and 11 analog inputs split between three component, four S-video, and four composite. The outputs are one each of HDMI, component, S-video, and composite. Also featured are an RS232 interface and discrete IR commands.

Not all scalers are created equal. Those installed or built into TV monitors are unlikely to match the quality of the RVE-1060. No two brands of scalers are alike, and the mathematics involved in calculating the additional information needed to convert a lower-resolution video source signal into one of higher resolution is very complex. Having the scaler figure out what to add to flawlessly present the best picture quality is a very difficult task.
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If it does only upto 1080i & not 1080p then Rotel is kidding itself. People who use stand alone scalers are not looking for 1080i units at that price. My Key Digital ISync Pro seems like a bargain.
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This scaler sounds intriguing, especially if you already own a Rotel processor, and I'm ok with the price, but the lack of 1080p will be perceived as a serious flaw - and it is. I wonder if whoever wrote this copy was working from flawed information?
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nice idea of integrating the switching with their preamp.

However, this press release raises more questions than it answers...
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Originally Posted by cubesys View Post

The outputs are one each of HDMI, component, S-video, and composite.

Does it really have S-video and composite outputs? Does this mean it can down-convert to 480i/576i for older monitors and upscale, over HDMI/component, for HD monitors, simultaneously?
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Anybody find out any more about this interesting scaler, at CES maybe?
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That is one nice looking device. They need 1080p processing however.
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Also, it's Faroudja based... But, which chip?
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Cortez perhaps???
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That would be nice, but I doubt it. A quick scan of the manual reveals it's a little basic, with no image control, noise reduction, and limited aspect ratio control. It's an audio-amp/pro add-on video switcher and deinterlacer/scaler, like you might find integrated in current A/V amp/pros. It doesn't have enough features/flexibility to compare with many other - admittedly more expensive - scalers, such as the likes of DVDO/Optoma/Lumagen/Calibre, etc.
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Looks to be overpriced for what it does and no advantage, other than extra inputs, over the much cheaper Gefen scalers that are about to come out. Back to the designer desk, Rotel - you're not in the game yet.
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No De-Interlacing??? No inverse telecine???
lol...nice product - will not sell well ;-)

Nothing for a home theater user. Same you can get with the $499 gefen HTS scaler.
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Originally Posted by AmigoHD View Post

No De-Interlacing??? No inverse telecine???
lol...nice product - will not sell well ;-)

Nothing for a home theater user. Same you can get with the $499 gefen HTS scaler.

Come on, you know you want one, it's a Rotel
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smile ;-)
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