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so what blu-ray movies should i buy for my first viewing?

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Getting a tv (55" sxrd) delivered tomorrow and I can't wait to try blu-ray movies on it with the ps3. I've read that the movies have varying qualities, what are a couple of high quality ones to try out first?
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Well a lot of it is subjective when it comes to picture quality. I advise getting movies that you like over movies that you don't like solely for picture quality reasons. There is a thread with a 'Tier' list 'stickied' and that does give you a general idea of how people are rating movies as far as visual qualty. Personally I certainly have not found that my tastes mirror this list exactly, but it *is* a good reference point.

The bottom line really is that you're getting a monumental leap in both sound and visuals over DVD, so I think you'll be happy as long as you like the movie.
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Thanks guys
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Does it make sense to hold off on trying to amass a huge DVD collection for the time being and settle with renting them? It seems a lot of the movies I like aren't high up in the tiers so I worry sony is just going to re-release them in higher quality and I'll have wasted my money buying them.
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Definitely try Unforgiven, Kingdom of Heaven, and The Searchers.
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Start off with calibrating your display (If you have a sony title like Taladega Nights, use the easter egg [menu]7669). Alternately, if you don't have a Sony disk at hand, (if) your display has a "movie mode", select that first. Most default settings are too high.

I would defintely start with an animation title just to see the limits of clarity that you can get on your system. Even if you're not an animation guy, Ice Age II should be there for comparison. (And in case you have an urge to demo your setup).

For your own viewing, Black Hawk Down shows a lot of detail, along with giving your audio gear a good workout. A lot of Saving Private Ryan style gore, so this is not for children.

Kingdom of Heaven is my favourite so far in terms of a whole movie. Being a Ridley Scott fan since BladeRunner, I was disappointed in the theatre. That version left a lot of gaps, this cut was more watchable. Even though the transfer is accurate throughout, be aware that the start of the movie shows the ugly side of medieval France, meaning all the poverty and bleak landscape doesn't look good. It was only after they reach Messina, that the money shots start to pile up. Main knock against the movie perhaps is that Orlando Bloom looked out of place in that role. (I personally thought that "didn't want to be there but have to finish the job" accurately portrays Scott's intent for this character)

Some thing to watch out for is that the highdef transfers often highlights what the director put into the movie as well as any imperfections in the final edit. The number one complaint seems to be that there is too much grain. In some cases, the grain is in the film and also the digital master. In others, they appear to be compression artifacts as the bitrates are set too low to fit in the disk. Another complaint is that colors may look flat - meaning they look gray or brown like the real world around us really looks --- instead of shiny or vivid like you want movies to be --- so choose your demo movies well.

I like natural grain, but others (especially non hardcore movie fans) may not tolerate it.
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Ice Age 2
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  • Kingdom of Heaven - Make sure you go to www.imdb.com or someplace and check to see if you are compatible with the message of the film. Some religious people don't like it.
  • Ice Age 2 - If you like furry creatures doing silly stuff.
  • Corpse Bride - If you like colorful ghosts.
  • Black Hawk Down - If you like war movies.
  • Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence - Only available in Japan. I saw a few shots during a Blu-ray demo and it looks gorgeous.
  • Aeon Flux - If you like Sci-fi.

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