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I'd like to get a keyboard and headset for use with the PS3.. I've heard some work, some don't work, some work partially.. so I figured it would be best to ask before going out and actually buying one.

I have a USB keyboard I've been using for about a month now -- the keyboard portion of the Logitech Keyboard Controller for PS2:

Problem is that the keys are smaller than those on a normal keyboard, making it a bit difficult to use. It also has a shorter cord than I'd like.. so I'd like to get a (preferably) wireless keyboard with full-sized keys. I don't need the number pad on the right of the keyboard (and would actually prefer if it wasnt included as it would take up extra room).

For the headset, any one which works good would be fine. Preferably wireless, but if it lacks the quality you'd get with a wired one, I'm willing to use that.

Looking for ones I can buy at Best Buy as I have some reward certificates and coupons (12% off) for this weekend.

So do I need USB ones? Bluetooth? Anything special to look for?