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Hipix can't pick up a channel due to software?

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I have an odd problem. I use my Hipix to watch OTA HDTV. I've been using it for about 5 years - but I only use it like once or twice a year (usually the super bowl).

I'm in NY, and CBS always used to be the most reliable station.

Last weekend, I tried to tune in CBS, for the first time in maybe 2 years. I couldn't get a signal - the signal strength showed 0. But here's the weird part - I was receiving FOX and all the other stations fine - and they broacast from the exact same location!

Is it possible that the Hipix has some parameter set for CBS somewhere, and that parameter has changed, but Hipix doesn't realize it?

Can anyone think of a reason why the Hipix could tune in 1 channel very well, but not another at all, even though they're broadcasting from the same place?


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I have a similar problem. I also watch infrequently. But my local FOX station moved their transmitter and I needed to retune my HDTV cards. I say cards since I have a HIPIX and a ATI HDTV wonder in the same pc. The ATI picked up all the stations, including the FOX station. The HIPIX for some reason is refusing to tune in the FOX station. Even tho the signal strength (as reported on the ATI) is strong.

I don't have an answer for you, but I just thought I would let you know that you are not alone.
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Thanks for the reply.

Anyone have any advice?

The big game is coming!!!!

I'll probably just try it on my Windows 2000 partition - hopefully that's "virgin" enough to work...
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Well, I'm happy to report I got it working. Although I'm not exactly sure what happened...

I cleared my channel list. I deleted the file in the EPG directory when the program wasn't running. I was having some antenna problems, which I fixed... And now it's coming in fine!

So I don't know if that's a help to anyone else, but it looks good to me!
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I am looking to buy Telemann HiPix DTV-200 cards, though long discontinued.
I am will to pay top dollar for working main and/or daughter cards.

Thanks in advance for your assistance,

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