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Sony VW-50 DOA out of box

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Does anyone know if there is a warranty seal that could be compromised if I try to remove the cover on this projector?

It powers up OK via the remote, the lamp comes on and the LED sequence is correct, going from red in standby, to flashing green as it warms up, to steady green when it is supposed to be ready, but I can't get the menu to come up, or any of the lens adjustments. The projector should be displaying a blue field, but it displays only green. I have no inputs connected as we just set it up on a box to approximate a mounting position in the room and to verify if the zoom range will be correct for our screen size. We talked to Sony tech support and they confirm that it needs to be sent back, but being an engineer type and having worked in computer field service for years, my inclination is to open it up and check for a loose board or connector but I don't want to have some hidden warranty seal bite me in the butt if I try.

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My advice is to send it back to Sony or your retailer. Its a brand new projector. I wouldn't try opening it up, no matter how confident I was in my ability to put it back together for the warranty issues you pointed out. If for some reason you were stuck without a warranty and had really exhausted every other option (shouldnt happen with a Pearl at this pont in time) then I'd consider taking a crack at it - and even then I'd probably send it to a repair facility first if it was a Pearl.
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Why would you even bother? Yes, I know, you are a man, but why risk it. It is brand new, under warranty, may have some other problems, Sony stated that it is best to get it repaired, just leave it alone. Go take your brakes apart clean the disks/drums and call it even
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OK, OK!!! I can take a hint. It is a friends projector and not worth breaking up a friendship over, he will just have to come over and watch movies at my house. I just feel a little responsible since I recommended that he get the Pearl. We will send it back.
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Darn I would connect it to a source first before boxing it up. I don't think I powered mine up before having a source connected.

But the green doesn't sound good.
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"Kudos" to Sony, i hope you are retired and have plenty o' time, cuz the Sony CS experience is uglier than bread lines in sub-Saharan Africa.

Best bet would be a decent dealer to exchange it. For Sony you really need decent dealers like AVS.
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Thought I was the only one that received a DOA unit. Guess NOT! Sent it back after hours of "what the hell am I doing wrong here" conversations with myself in a dark basement HT. New unit works fine, and trust me - a blue screen is much better than green blobs (that turned magenta as the unit warmed up). Very psycedelic, but not what I was looking for in a $4000 projector. You do not want this unit, even if you find something to "fix" since UPS probably hurled it onto your doorstep. Send it back for a unit with a different SN# and avoid dealing with Sony if possible. Let us know how the exchange goes, & good luck!
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