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Help me pick a (hi-end) Receiver for my new HT setup

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Ok, I am redoing most of my HT setup and have already decided on buying the following -

Sony 52XBR3
Sony BDP-S1 Blu-Ray DVD player
Toshiba HD-XA2 DVD player

My cable box is Scientific Atlanta Explorer 8300HD and outputs in 1080i. It is currently being used via components on my old 36XBR450 tube TV. I plan to use HDMI output with the 52XBR3....

So, I need a receiver that has 3 HDMI inputs minimum (Cable, Blu-ray, HD DVD). Would like to connect everything through receiver and output 1 HDMI to TV.

Receiver will be hooked up to speakers in 5.1 configuration. My 5.1 includes (2) studio reference 40's v2 for the front, a studio CC and studio ADP's in the rear. Sub is PW2200. I live in an apartment so I will not be able to crank movies / movies very much. Receiver will be used 90% for TV/Movies and only 10% for music.

What do you guys suggest? I was thinking about 4806ci because of 1080p upscaling, but will this really do anything given my input sources? Thouhgts?
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I don't know that much about its video features, but in that price range I would be looking at the Arcam AVR350. Supposed to be awesome sound-wise. And with your sources, upscaling is the last thing that you'd need IMHO. You'll be best off watching everything in the highest resolution that the player will output.

Of course, if you're looking primarily for HDMI features, a high-end Denon could be your best choice. I just think that with phenomenal sources like you have, and 2 hdmi inputs on the TV, I would be focusing on getting the most out of the nice Paradigms that you have.

Another option is to look at separates, using a good AVR as a pre/pro and adding separate amps, if it fits in the budget.

Good luck not cranking the volume, it'll be hard!!!
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dont want to go separates...
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Originally Posted by Tony Meconiates View Post

dont want to go separates...

Well I like what I heard of these
mid to high picks:
outlaw 990,arcam avr350, Rotel 1098
Super highend picks:
anthem d2, Mcintosh mht 200
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I vote for either one of these high end AVR:


If budget allows:
Lexicon RV8
McIntosh MHT200

I would go for either of the latter two if it were me.
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I am very staisfied with the Arcam AVR350 so far and recommend it.

It has two HDMI inputs.

The Arcam is not a flashy looking unit but the SQ it provides is outstanding imo.
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I am in the same market: looking for a high end Receiver for 90% ish home theater.

2 weeks ago, I demo'd at a high end local shop, an Arcam AVR350 running Paradigm Millenia's and then in the next room, a B&K507S2 running the same speakers. For Movies, they both sounded nice, but once I put in a CD I was very familiar with, the Arcam actually sounding annoying. Completely flat and lifeless. The B&K however, in comparision, sounded really good with the Paradigms.

Since basically everyone loves the Aracam, I know it is not a bad piece. It must have been the synergy between it and the speakers that did not work. I would definetely recommend the B&k 507, however there are NO HDMI inputs for you.

Here's another thought. Wouldnt it be better to connect each of your sources direct to the TV? That way, you have individual video/picture settings and control for each input. I am positive you will not want the settings the same for the HD/BR DVD and the 1080i cable box. I am certainly no expert on video switching so take my idea FWIW . . .
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