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Where would you suggest buyng a 45Ft HDMI Cable?

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Hello Everyone,

This is my first post so I am sorry if this is the wrong area. I have 4 questions that I need help with, the first 2 are the most important. I just bought a Sony VPL-VW50 Projector.

My first question is: I am going to need a 40-45 ft HDMI cable to bring video to the Projector. Is there a place or website anyone would suggest to buy from that has Quality HDMI?

2nd Q: Is there quality issues with HDMI cables or is one better then the other?

3rd Q: Do you think I will lose quailty of picture of the 40 Ft distance of the HDMI Cable?

4th Q : I just ordered a Pioneer Elite VSX-84TXSi, Is this the best option for the 1,000-1500 price range? I got the amp new for 1050.00. Let me know if you think there is something way better for the money.
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Some of these signals are only rated to seven feet for DVI and maybe HDMI, beyond that length a fiber optic or other amplified cable may be required.
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Thanks for the help,

I dont where to find the fiber optic or amplified cable. Do they look the same is the HDMI Hookup?
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This one is a slam dunk...monoprice.com is the best way to go. They fully test the cables to certain specs, so the length of cable is irrelevant. The cables are good value, secrets did a review of them.

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I second Monoprice!
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Third for Monoprice!
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Thanks again for all the help. Well.........Monoprice has 2 different 50 ft HDMI cables 1 is a in wall cabel in copper, and the other is a normal cable in gold. The Gold cable is backordered for another week which might be a problem for my move in.

I am building a new house that will be done on the 26th of this month. In the wall I ran a plumbing PVC pipe all the way from the projector to the Amp so i can change out the tech. Do I need the inwall wire? Or is the PVC shielding enough.

Also is gold much better the copper for connection? I would really like to order the copper one so i can have opening night with my sony pearl! But on the other hand I want the best connection possible......Let me know your thoughts!
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