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Ok, I'm extremely new at this. I just bought a Dell 2400, 3000 lumens dlp projector and I need to make a large portable screen to take with me to schools for a theater assembly show I'm doing.
Any ideas on how to make a portable screen to roll up and take in my Honda Civic?
I've been reading a bit and it seems like it would be good to use blackout cloth with some kind of paint on top of it. It seems like people are saying grey is good. What kind of paint and would it work to roll a painted cloth?
My friend had an idea of using 4x4s and having them grooved to fit together and then sinking them in cement blocks and velcroing the material between the two posts.
I wanted to make a screen 8x12 feet or bigger.
The projector is 4:3 so I'm not sure what the size of the screen should be?
Ok, this is a lot of questions. But if anyone has any answers, i would most appreciate it.