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I hope someone can help me! I've spent HOURS searching the forum for relevant threads but have come up empty-handed. If you're aware of a relevant previous post, I'd appreiciate your posting a link to the thread.

IN THE PAST ... I was able to record both SD and HD streams using CapDVHS on a Motorola DCT6412 III STB.

Over the past week, I've noticed some strange things. HD channels where PREVIOUSLY I could record HD .ts streams, NOW I cannot!

In the Diagnostics menu, I have verified that the channels in question ARE NOT copy-protected with 5C. But I still cannot record.

Cable System: RCN (Boston)
Channels affected (so far, I haven't tested many): ABCHD, CBSHD
Channels where CapDVHS STILL works: NBCHD, most SD and digital cable channels

Again, the two channels I've tested USED TO WORK ... but do not work now. PC and driver config HAS NOT changed.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!