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planning on building a ~2-2.5 cf vented sub for my daughter.

the assassin10 models very nicely (21hz tune) in this space. and bang for buck seems like a decent deal.

unfortunately, ascendant estimates 1-2 months before they have more in stock.

I'm looking for an alternative.

the TC db500 10" is out of stock (besides being 33% more expensive)
the mach5 10" doesn't model well in the space I have
the quatro only has half the xmax....

I already have the amp, a rythmik 150.

I suppose I could run dual 8's (like the 8" tang band subs) but would rather use 1 10 or 12 inch driver.. the 12" cheapo dayton dvc (the $35 one, not the $110 one) looked interesting but seems to want lots of cubes (VAS ~5.5 ft^3)..

any ideas?