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CES 2007 report

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Here is the first quick update...I don't have web access from my room, so I'm roaming to post this for you fukers! The pics are in a temp pichost online, so if someone has a more stable (longer lasting) uploader, or wants to host the pics, PM me the info/FTP and I will upload them there instead.

anyways....more to come in the next couple of days.

With Ron Stimpson....the man looks younger in person!! heheheh

The new Ultra 13.4" driver....sucker is HUGE. It gives the JLaudio 13W7 a run for its money in terms of size, and given preliminary reports from Ed and couple of SVS insiders, looks like this bad boy will raise the bar a lot for commercial subs under $2k. It's good to be a consumer now days

TC's new stuff. Here is what I call Deon's Mini-me!! and you will see why in a sec! A TC-5200 12" with a pair of 15" PRs:

TC's line of drivers...from the Db100 to the TC 5200....phenomenal looking drivers, and a DIYer's candy store! I was impressed with the size of the 5200, until I saw the 5400, and you will see why:

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Here it is ladies....Deon's Monster creation which I shall call "GADDAYUM"....twin 18" LMS5400, 4x 18"PRs, 2x ICE amps, DSP goodies, the works!!! Tom Noussaine saw it and is licking his chomps at the opportunity to test this bad boy mano a mano against his IB. Pics don't do justice to this thing....it is HUGE!!!!!

Here is the 5400 in all its glory, and according to Thilo, it will start shipping to those who pre-ordered next week!!! Congrats to the lucky pioneers....look how small the Mini's wheel looks in comparison. I tried to lift it and my back almost gave out....HEAVY!! 40mm Xmax, linear BL vs Displacement characteristics....for those who want absolute SQ and performance irregardless of price, this is the ultimate wet dream!

and last and For sure Least....

FUgly MTX mamoth whatchamagigit....it looks like tarzan, but sounds like Jane!! I was so dissappointed in its sound, that I can't even call its name I'm so disgusted!

JL's 13W7 driver, and the internals of the Fathom F113....this is what all the hoopla is about ladies. Unfortunately none on display!

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Dynamite photos! Thanks!!
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Thanks for the awesome pics!
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What's the word on those line arrays in the background? Looks interesting... thanks!
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You are the Hero! Thanks for the great pics.
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Great pictures! Keep them coming.
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Thanks Sherv. The new Ultra woofer looks... formidable

Edit: Image Mirror
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In the LL corner of the picture of the Ultra woofer is a brochure titled "The Ultra 13" Series." Can anyone reproduce that here on this board? I'm sure all would be interested.
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Great stuff ssabripo!

Do you have a better picture of the new Ultra enclosure? From what I can tell of what I can see of the brochure it is front firing, with 3 ports? Did you notice the size of the ports, and also what material is the cone of the Ultra driver made of?
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Sherv, this is high quality stuff, well done! You also look dressed to impress

Thomas, that looks like triple 3" ports with a front-firing woofer.
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That new ultra driver looks pretty effin' beefy!

I am unimpressed by the look of the heavily hyped fathom. The enclosure looks waaaaaay too small for the output numbers we see so that means one thing, more money goes into correcting eletronics on the amp and getting more power It looks like the driver has a foam surround... The driver does have a cool looking basket, though. I don't doubt it's one hell of a performer if someone needs a small footprint for a sub... but for that money I'd rather go with the new Ultra (assuming the prices are close) and get some free output from the ported design.

Perhaps I'm just spoiled with the price/performance ratio you can do with a DIY.
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Thanks a bunch.

These are some KILLER drivers! SVS,TC Sounds and JL Audio kick major major behind with these drivers. Man that is absolute ...wet dream.
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you'll also get a free sonic signature with the ported design so its an even bigger value!!
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Thanks for the pics. Keep them coming! That new Ultra looks GREAT. Any pics or info on SVSs processor?

If one has a keen eye they will notice the brocure laying next to the new Ultra driver. It show a cylinder and what appears to be a front firing enclosure with dual front firing ports.

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Great pics. Thanks for posting them
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Originally Posted by kgb540 View Post

you'll also get a free sonic signature with the ported design so its an even bigger value!!

Well KGB who does not like FREE signature series?
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Was any preliminary pricing given on SVS' sub with this new driver? Is SVS looking at $1200, $1500, or closer to $2k?
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I hope Ron, Ed or Tom will chime in to tell as more about the new Ultra, I have a TON of questions : )

-Why the switch to FF?
-Cone material?
-Price estimates?
-New amp technology?
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I think there's more metal on those subs than on my car.

Very nice pictures. Thanks for getting them posted so quick.
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p.s., Hey SVS, please update your News page.

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Originally Posted by ManicMiner View Post

I hope Ron, Ed or Tom will chime in to tell as more about the new Ultra, I have a TON of questions : )

-Why the switch to FF?
-Cone material?
-Price estimates?
-New amp technology?

I can unofficially answer the first one, Manic.

By 'absorbing' the space taken up by the bottom plate and the air gap into the cabinet, and (I think) by somewhat simplifying the porting, you gain cabinet volume inside (greater efficiency and lower tune) without making the cabinet any bigger on the outside. I think the new single driver Ultra enclosures do end up just a little bit bigger than the old ones.

The new dual driver enclosures, still in development the last I heard, will be quite a bit larger than the current dual driver enclosures.
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Sherv ... Thanks for the efforts ! Looks like I will definitely be explaining another subwoofer purchase to my wife. That dual driver Ultra sounds monstrous !
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Looks like fun. Very nice pics Sherv. If you get the time can you take shots of the amps if visible in the JL113 and other subs.

I mailed you the Soundhound disc yesterday. Just got back from a family ski trip.
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Is that the 12.3 next to the Ultra or the old Ultra?
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Looks like a 12.x, the old Ultra is bigger than that.
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When I visited the factory in Giard Ohio a couple months ago we talked about the FF design and its introduction into all models for SVS.

I was told by one of the tech guys there that the FF design is much cheaper to produce along with being a better design. So really a "win-win" for SVS and its buyers. He told me that the FF design will be used in NSD, Plus and the new Ultra design.

I just cannot wait to get some reports on performace from the single and dual Ultras
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Originally Posted by pbc View Post

Is that the 12.3 next to the Ultra or the old Ultra?

That's the Plus driver.
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The Ultra Woofer looks like it could knock down my house.
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Damn, looks like fun. I would have liked to plan a trip to see my first CES and the Beatles "Love" show, but timing didn't work. I've been to shows in The City, including the HE show a year or two ago, but that one looks far less reserved.
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