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Or The CRT board, But i have a sony wega KV-FS100L ( stone age, i know ) and really been into the service menu adjustments for a while, so i know what i'm doing when it comes to that. What i noticed is a flickering on the screen. Like it will go dark to light. I did a search and set VRFL to 1 and DSD to 0 in the service menu a while back,and that got rid of it, but then i noticed the faint flicker again when on a static image. Whats weird is if i turn DCTV in the service menu to 0 or 1 it disapears, but if i keep it at it's default of 2 thats when it flickers. ALSO if i turn DSD back to 1 it dissapears. What i'm wondering is which parameter should i be using for the fix? Each seem to fix the problem, but lowering the DCTV seems to raise the brightness a tad, and i have no clue what the DSD parameter even is! So would it be safer to just turn the DSD to 1? Whats weird tho is the higher up i go on DSD the more interference and lines i get on the screen. Thanks for any help!