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Your input please on best DVD recorder

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Would appreciate input on best DVD recorder to fit my requirements. I am looking for the best possible quality DVD recorder to accomplish 3 primary functions:

1. Create DVD's from Hi8 home movies (both analog + digital) -- for this I would like both firewire input and S-video connection for the analog and also good editing features.
2. Create DVD's from TiVo HDTV hard-drive storage. I realize that going from TiVo HD at 1080i, I will need to record to DVD at 480i, but I'd like the best quality possible to make the conversion and watch again in upconverted 480p.
3. Watch existing DVD movie library in best possible PQ possible.

Since I utilize a TiVo HD box (with expanded hard-drive capacity), I would really not utilize the DVD recorder for any on-screen tuner function. I received an LG - RC199H for Xmas, but am not exactly pleased with the limited amount of video input (particularly S-video).

I am considering changing over to 1 of 2 alternatives: a) Sony RDR-HX715 or b) Panasonic DMR-EH55S DVD.

Please provide me with your thoughts and also recommend any other DVD recorders which may fulfill the requirements better than the above.

Thanks for your assistance -- bmaker85
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I have no experience with the Sony dvd recorder, though use their cameras- 3 vx2000 and 3 vx2100 in separate production units.

The Panasonic EH55 I do use, and am well pleased with it. It gives lots of options, including writing to all current dvd formats (no hd-dvd). Many convenience features- Save Phrases for name for Tiitles, Playlists, and/or dvd names. Advance Copy option allows Copy Only or Copy and Finalize in one step; your choice. I use both, sometimes on the same dvd. (Name the disc, High speed Copy Only for the 1 hr 20 minute first title, then go back and do a Flexible Record Copy & Finalize for the 31 minute second title.)

I've not done any timer recordeing with the EH55, but that does not rate high on your priority list.

Resellerratings.com may be helpful for user comments on equipment (cnet.com is better) and seller ratings and prices.

Good luck, and come back with your choice and comments.
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