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Hi all:

I have a Denon 2807 and it's all working just fine for my HDTV, DVD, Cable. But for the life of me I cannot get any 2 channel stereo inputs to play properly through the entire set of speakers in the system!

Specifically, I have stereo inputs from my iPod coming into the box which I finally was able to have play through the Front L/R, center, AND SW speaker (the SW was the lone "holdout"), but when I switch to 5 Channel Stereo mode, the SW stops producing sound. It took me awhile to just get the SW to work in stereo mode, but I finally found the menu item in Advanced Playback that "turned it on". Now how do I get the SW to stay on when I want it to play out of the Rear L/R speakers as well?

Same holds true for one of my TAPE IN channels where I have a stereo source coming in. Even playing with some of the simulated surround modes, the SW seems to not be engaged and I'm not getting any bottom out of the sound when using a stereo input.

In an unrelated question, if I play with the speaker EQ in, say, the iPod playing mode, my understanding is that the EQ curve will remain unchanged in the other playback modes like TV or DVD. Can you confirm?

Any and all ideas welcomed!

Thanks in advan