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Where is Sony?

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At the Blu-ray Press Conference yesterday afternoon, Sony announced that they would be releasing 90-100 Blu-ray titles this year in support of the format. In an interview with Hollywood Today, Worldwide President of Sony Pictures Home Entertainment David Bishop confirmed that number, as well as mentioning "you will see three to four catalog titles per month."

With that said, I don't see nearly enough titles announced for Q1 to make up that total. Twelve were announced yesterday, and adding a few previously announced doesn't get close to the 25 necessary in the first quarter to reach a goal of 100 releases.

Where are the titles, Sony? You have to lead the Blu-ray push!
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More than likely they're going to be very back=end loaded.
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I agree that they haven't announced many titles, but I am so pleased with whats been offered by Fox and Disney that I'm alright. I wouldn't mind seeing Dracula, Legends of the Fall, and spider man series, but I have Predator, Commando, Pirates, Harry Potter, Matrix, etc... that I'm happy.

I am an HD-DVD supporter also, at least they got WB and Paramount Support, but my god Universal has let us down so far, very disappointing. Oh well I guess We'll wait and see.
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Now thats not like Sony... You would think they would announce 400 titles for the year and then only give 25% or what they promised. Saying only 25 for Q1 is scarey coming from them...
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With Sony moving to AVC, I would expect new releases from them to be slow for the next few months until they get up to speed. I'm sure we will see the high profile titles released when they need to be. Somehow I expect Spider-Man 1 & 2 to coincide with the release of the new movie.
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Sony has taken a very different attitude toward their releases in the last few months.

They seem to no longer be promising, just delivering. This started with the 50GB version of Click.

Notice their press release is very low key actually. Also, they have been steadily announcing titles 1 or 2 at a time, and then delivering them.

They also have taken great care with their MPEG2 releases, getting a lot of good reviews for a codec many had dismissed. Further, they seem to be switching to AVC, as they indicated they would do last year.

Based on previous statements a few years ago, I think Sony had transferred a lot of titles to HD over the last several years and was planning on dumping them onto BD disks. When they tried this last summer, the market reacted very unfavorably to the quality.

I have the feeling a lot of masters and probably even some pressed disks got dumped in the process.

I like their new style: deliver quality.
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Gimme my Lawrence of Arabia already.
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Originally Posted by Taha24 View Post

Gimme my Lawrence of Arabia already.

I heard that they had it ready to go but pulled it. Just a rumor but makes sense.
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I bet we'll be seeing the movies in their current demo disc (Bad Boys, Once Upon A Time in Mexico, etc.) in the 2nd quarter.
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Where is Sony?
Sony Corporation of America, based in New York City, is the U.S. subsidiary of Sony Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan.
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