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I don't mind having to activate the thing like Windows. But having to write a fricken' letter to Cable Labs JUST so I can record an episode of, say, Smallville in Pure HD? This thing also has DRM management on it as well, not to mention you have to prove to cable labs that your system is HDCP compatible.

And the final Kicker. As of now, only people like Dell and HP will be getting it . People who build systems will be completely out of luck. Guess I just spent $1,000's to build a quality PC system only to watch HD movies that I can't copy and edit, huh?

'He seems to be refering to something called television, Captain. That particular form of entertainment did not last well past the 21st century...'

If this sh!t continues, Data's prediction may well be right. The pirates are having a field day, and the average TV user is crying up a storm with an empty wallet.